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Belt Loops: The Decision 2, Melo and the Country At a Standstill

LeBron decided to take his talents back to Lake Erie while other free agents' movements have us scratching our head.

LeBron finally made his decision and Cleveland fans couldn't be happier.
LeBron finally made his decision and Cleveland fans couldn't be happier.
Jason Miller

Before I was a contributor and soccer specialist for Hustle Belt, before I was an average student at Ohio University,  and before I had the chance to write this strangely familiar letter to you readers, I was just a kid from Northeast Ohio.

Remember when LeBron left for South Beach four years ago and "Miami fans" claimed that they would never ever react the way Cleveland did when the city's savior left for sunnier pastures?

Well they totally did.


And now I expect Quicken Loans Arena to be refreshingly full when I go to see The King score points for the good guys again.

And with Chris Bosh weirdly choosing to stay with an average Miami Heat team instead of taking $80 mil and going to Houston, we only have a few more transfer sagas to play out.

Carmelo Anthony remains the biggest free agent still available and reports have surfaced that  Anthony could be reconsidering Chicago as an option, which is good for those of you who are Bull-lievers at NIU.

When will Melo make "The Decision"? Will Chandler Parsons remain a Rocket? Will Ohio finally have an above average sports team this fall? Who knows. But until those things are settled out, turn off the ESPN SportScenter updates on your phone and check out some of our content to fill the void:

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Or you could keep up with our top 50 MAC football players countdown.

Or you could just watch the Summer League, but only if you're truly desperate.

In totally unrelated news, Alexis Sanchez completed his transfer to Arsenal from Barcelona on Thursday. And Barcelona completed a transfer for Count Dracula himself, Luis Suarez, which means you could see the Uruguayan biting people in a Barca jersey next year.