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Belt Loops: 'This Is Sportscenter' Commericals Are Hilarious & Jameis Winston Says The Dumbest Stuff

I could watch these all day long.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like every time there's a new This Is Sportscenter commercial, I just hop onto YouTube and watch them all. As I watch them, I'm going to share them below in order.

This Is SportsCenter -- Bryce Harper (via ESPN)

This Is SportsCenter - Henrik Lundqvist (via ESPN)

Tim Lincecum Commercial: This Is SportsCenter (via ESPN)

Oregon Duck - This is SportsCenter (via ESPN)

Bat Making - Jason Heyward and the Stanford Tree - This Is SportsCenter (via ESPN)

Swearing - This is SportsCenter (via ESPN)

Landon Donovan - This is SportsCenter (via ESPN)

This is SportsCenter - John Clayton (via ESPN)

Going Up? New Jersey Devils ESPN Commercial (via sh4kify)

Potty Talk - This is SportsCenter (via ESPN)

Derek Jeter - This Is SportsCenter - Who touched my razor? (via ESPN)

This Is SportsCenter - Y2K (via ESPN)


Okay, sports stuff.

Jameis Winston (/deep sigh), is an absolute idiot.

"At Florida State, our fan base isn't like [Texas A&M's]. We are to ourselves. We've got a bunch of foreign girls and foreign boys that don't know [anything] about football. In College Station, they live and breathe that, so he was their idol. People wanted to be around him, so of course it was harder."

Last night was the MLB All-Star game. While many people probably caught up on Season 2 of Orange is the New Black instead of watching it because of their unnecessary hate for Derek Jeter, they didn't miss Tony Gwynn being honored at the event (because it didn't happen).

On that note, Mike Trout was the MVP, not Miguel Cabrera. (Or Jeter. Boooooo)

It seems like the NFL has caused great harm to their players' longevity with little-to-no care for their health. Not that you should be shocked or anything. Makes me wonder how much of that is going on at the college level.

From all of us at Hustle Belt, we'd like to thank NBC's College Football Talk so much for recognizing the MAC as "Big Ten country."

Lastly, here's a Vox Conversation about the NCAA with Taylor Branch that I haven't watched until just the other day. Not sure why it took me so long, but it's worth a watch.