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Belt Loops: Lady Lover Mo Hughley Is Still An Awesome Tweeter

His bio is: BALLIN TO DA BALL FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I love Mo Hughley. My favorite part about him joining the Eastern Michigan basketball team this past season was finding out that he's an absolute gem on the Twitter. Here are a few of my personal favorite @LifeofMo tweets.

Does 7-Eleven count? I'll take this as he's had some experience with this. *pew pew* Alright, player. Arie. Gang. Arie. Gang. Arie. Gang. Alex Alvarado really enjoyed this. The dude even quotes himself. Mo Hughley: the trend setter. Ah, that's why. Amen to that. Michigan can suck like that. That makes me angry and laugh at the same time. 100 for the tweet before and 300 for this. Or maybe it's 100,100,100. Sounds like a line from a Drake song that I might listen to one time and then never listen to again. Hugh Hefner is still alive. He's 88. I'm really curious to know if this actually worked. TURN UP! Mo Hughley, the chef.