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Belt Loops: BBC News Pulls Some Shady, Racist Shenanigans

Seriously, is DeAndre that crazy of a name?

DeAndre. Did I spell it right?
DeAndre. Did I spell it right?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, Mr. Tom Rostance had to take a shot at the "youth of today" for getting together, mixing around some Scrabble letters and creating the name "DeAndre" because, well, I don't exactly understand why. Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about.


When I first saw this on Twitter (h/t to @nevillem), I was pretty pissed off about it. It was the most upset and disappointed during the USMNT's run during the World Cup. That's mostly because I don't care about FIFA. I dislike it almost as much as I like the NCAA and it's not even because it's soccer. I'll let a British guy that I enjoy watching do all the explaining of that because I'm not a racist. Maybe you've heard of him. John Oliver, anybody?

Sorry if I misspelled your name, Mr. Oliver.

But seriously, Tom (ugh, who in their right or left mind named you something so crude?), what's your beef with a name like DeAndre? Alec isn't a typo that should've been Alex, and both are damn cool names to have.

So, Tom, to honor you and the integrity of the British Broadcasting Corporation, I've decided to create a power ranking of the top names that I, Alex Alvarado (that means I'm latino, Mr. Rostance. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife) that make me feel a little uncomfortable as well. Enjoy, broski (yes, you read that right. That's "young" for amigo or friend or pal or chap).


  1. Timothy
  2. Harry
  3. Robert
  4. George
  5. Constantine
  6. Carl
  7. Bradley
  8. Britney/Brittany
  9. Jennifer
  10. William
  11. Christian
  12. Elizabeth
  13. Henry
  14. Thomas (there you are!)
  15. Leonard
  16. Florida
  17. Linda
  18. Grace
  19. James
  20. Mary
  21. Franklin
  22. Joshua
  23. Jacquelyn
  24. Paul
  25. Alexander/Alexandria
  26. Samuel
  27. Xavier
  28. Ronald
  29. anybody with Marie as a middle name
  30. Patricia
  31. Walter
  32. Olivia
  33. Gary
  34. Emily
  35. Joseph
  36. Michael
  37. Barbara
  38. Beth
  39. Nicholas
  40. Orville
  41. Ellis
  42. Tyler
  43. David
  44. Fred
  45. Barney
  46. Wilma
  47. Betty
  48. BamBam
  49. Pebbles
  50. Wes
  51. Martin
  52. Kenneth
  53. Cath
  54. Collin
  55. Katherine
  56. Scott
  57. Molly
  58. Andrew
  59. Charles
  60. Susan
  61. Richard (perverts)
  62. Luke
  63. Bryan/Brian
  64. Ethan
  65. Noah
  66. Keith
  67. Kaleb
  68. Teresea
  69. Ana
  70. Connor
  71. Brandon
  72. Steven
  73. Oscar
  74. Megan/Meghan
  75. Laura
  76. Sara(h)
  77. Geoffrey
  78. Edward
  79. Matthew
  80. Hugh
  81. Betty
  82. Nancy
  83. Jeffery
  84. Jesse
  85. Jason
  86. Neal
  87. Benjamin
  88. Sophie
  89. Jack
  90. Abigail
  91. Mark
  92. Lee
  93. Christopher
  94. Anthony
  95. Sharon
  96. Sean
  97. Lisa
  98. Jillian
  99. Every goddamn cat named Olaf from Frozen.
  100. Oliver
Author's note: Please check for spelling.