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LeBron's Coming Home...To InfoCision Stadium?

LeBron's returning to Akron, Mount Pleasant gets a Popeyes, and Ypsilanti has a new hometown hero.

LeBron's coming home...but will be seen publicly for the first time in Akron.
LeBron's coming home...but will be seen publicly for the first time in Akron.
Angelo Merendino

It's hard to believe that July is almost over and we're close to MAC Football. The first game of the college football season starts on August 28th but the anticipation is already flowing. The MAC will be on National TV a lot this Fall, and we've put together a nice guide so you can keep everything straight. Of course all of the games will be able to be streamed live on the new and improved MAC website, but it's so much better watching on a bigger screen.

  • The City of Akron has planned a coming home celebration for LeBron James on August 8th at InfoCision Stadium. They're calling it the "Welcome Home LeBron Community Rally" (real original) and they don't really know what they are going to do. The rally will be after LeBron's Wheels for Education bike-a-thon, which James will make remarks at. I'm not sure that LeBron would actually stick around for his celebration, but hopefully the community is able to show up to support their number one star.
  • File this under (seemingly) unnecessary capital spending by a University. The University of Akron is spending $375,000 to renovate the President's house, which is provided to him by the University. Yes, the house is old and needs some repair. But $375,000 could buy an entirely new (very nice) house.
  • Po Boys are finally coming to Mount Pleasant! The area around the Central Michigan campus is getting a Popeyes, and that is huge news.
  • The city of Ypsilanti had a moment in the spotlight this week as resident Katie Wroblewski appeared on Jeopardy for a few days. She didn't go to Eastern Michigan, but if she did she would have lasted a lot longer right? Also, that link is an entire article about a recap of a Jeopardy episode.
  • Kent State is getting its own food truck. KSU Dining Services debuted the food truck recently and it serves the campus and surrounding areas. The name of the truck is "Fork in the Road" which is a little odd. The creativity is endless here, as something like "Flash Food" is a little more apt.
  • If you didn't know, Miami is hella expensive. A report by the U.S. Department of Education further confirms that, as they found that the school has the twentieth highest tuition in the nation for a public school and the highest in Ohio. The school says that the numbers don't exactly tell the entire story, citing declining state support.
  • I had a great aunt pass away earlier this week and her funeral was yesterday. Today, I'm going to calling hours for one of my fiance's distant family members. So, in summary this weekend has kind of been a downer. I needed a pick-me up, and these damn pandas trying to climb a slide did the trick.
Have a great Sunday everyone!