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The Jeff Ears Prank Is Still Hilarious

Weird news, weird videos, Jeff Ears.

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You're too gullible, Jeff Ears.
You're too gullible, Jeff Ears.
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

I absolutely love weird sporting news.

Like taking a prostate exam while listening to "Take Me Out To The Ballgame". Who does that?

Or Brian Wilson giving advice on paying a hooker.

Did you hear about the one where Zach Mettenberger got punched in the face by some ignorant southerner?

That guy could've at least punched a window, like this LSU freshman did.

Bryan searched reddit for his inspiration for a Belt Loops yesterday. While r/CFB is good, the best subreddit to skim through is clearly r/ShaqHoldingThings.

Not sports related, but this video really tickles my fanny.

Kitten Jam - Turn Down For What (adorable kittens dancing) (official) (via Katz)

We'll post a video later today about it, but there's a commercial that Bobcat TV put out. I'm thinking that this is its inspiration:

Terry Tate Office Linebacker (via Kris Decker)

What about #RE2PECT parodies?

I wish I were a cool mascot.

Funny World Cup 2014 ~ Funny Football ~ Funny Football Best Mascot Fight Ever Very Funny (via Funny World Cup 2014)

Lastly, this is still hilarious:

On Jeff Ears (via Antihero Baseball/Daylight Films)