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The Definitive Guide to MAC College Eats

Pop Quiz Hot Shot: You're in enemy territory. You spent all day rooting on your team and your stomach is growling. What do you do? (Hint: It's reading this guide).

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Jeff Zelevansky

Every football game isn't a home game. Thankfully for you, we here at Hustle Belt understand the need to go on the road. As a result, we each made one suggestion of the must eat place if you find your stomach growling. Without each further ado, here's the schools, the spots, and the contributors.

Bowling GreenMyles Pizza & Pub: The best pizza in Bowling Green in my humble opinion.  Think deep dish with slightly burnt cheese on top.  Don't go looking for ambiance. Just straight up pie and frills! (Randy Carpenter)

Eastern Michigan - Sidetrack Bar & Grill: The best burgers in the whole goddamn mitten and that's not an exaggeration. There are plenty of Michigan brews on tap at all times; Two Hearted, Strawberry Blonde, Hopslam, they've got it. Their Cajun Fries are to die for, too. My favorite burger on that menu is the Bourbon Mac Attack, which has mac and cheese, bacon, and bourbon barbecue sauce on it. If you're ever in Ypsi, don't go back home until you check this place out. You'll thank me later. (Alexander Alvarado)

Akron Swenson's: Where do I even begin with Swenson's? It's a short drive up 8 North from campus, but every trip is worth your while.  There's the infamous Galley Boys with two special sauces (no one knows what's in them) and then you'll have to order the Teezers with ranch. Finally you'll have to cool off with one of the 18 milkshakes or an ice cold California.  If you can withstand the diabetes, you'll be there everyday. (Matt Eliason)

BuffaloDuff's Chicken Wings: If you are coming to Buffalo, you have order the food that put Buffalo on the map.  The chicken wing. A short 1.9 miles from the heart of New York Athletics in Duff's Chicken Wings.  Duff's is not the original but is consistently rated the best.  My advice is not to order hot first time, order your wings medium or mild. (From special guest to the blog J. David Brand of Bull Run)

ToledoGradkowski's: While Gradkowski's may not be the traditional burger and wings joint one finds near most college campuses; if you are looking for an upscale meal with a quality glass of wine and a craft beer that is right on campus, Gradkowski's is the place. Started by Bruce Gradkowski, the former UT Quarterback and NFL veteran, the walls are lined with pictures and articles from Bruce's days at UT and at various stops in the NFL. The price tag may be a bit above the traditional college budget, but excellent entrees including pasta, steaks, and fish can be found at Gradkowski's in the new Gateway on campus. (Justin Kruse)

Northern IllinoisFatty's Pub and Grille: Great drink specials, NIU games are always on, and the best potato salad in the world. (Norman Miller)

Kent State - Buffalo Wild Wings: After all, Kent State is the home base of Buffalo Wild Wings (Bryan Vance)

Ball State - Mark Carter, The Hot Dog Man: Nationally recognized in Sports Illustrated's "The 100 Things You Gotta Do Before You Graduate," Carter serves up dogs to Cardinals until well after the bars close.  Go chili-cheese, and don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with Mark about the Cincinnati Reds; He's a diehard. (Keith M. Scheessele)

Miami Oxford, OH.  Bagel & Deli: You can buy a steamed bagel late night that is one of a kind and a single cigarette as well.  What more do you need at 2:30 am (Justin Kruse)

Western Michigan Sweetwater's Donut Mill: Sweetwaters is one of the best donut shops in the nation.  That's right. The nation. Giant, delicious pastries all for a fairly cheap price for the quality.  And they're open 24/7. And there's a drive-thru.  What more could you ask from a place that serves up delicious goodness? (Brown and gold)

Central Michigan - Jon's in Mt. Pleasant: Fresh coffee and the best burger basket in the world. (Thomas McElgunn)

Ohio - Union Street Diner: Authentic diner food on the cheap, and open 24/7 for those incredibly late Athens nights. (Bryan Vance)

Massachusetts - Anotnio's: Known for their toppings during the day, hot cheese up front late at night, and "club sidewalk," a place where everyone's eating pizza on the sidewalk as the bars let out. (Jesse Allen)

I imagine there will be debates though! Personally, I've always been partial to Wings over Amherst, the original Wings Over location. Boneless Honey BBQ wings that are so big and meaty that you'll always feel full, but a straw poll told me Antonio's was the place to go. So let's hear it in the comments folks. Embrace debate!