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Hockey Is Still Alive and Strong

It may be Summer and the only ice is the one in your glass or snow cone, but hockey has still been going strong this off-season. What have our three teams been up to?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

With all of this football and basketball hoopla going on, it's easy to forget that hockey has been alive and well this off-season.  I mean, there was the NHL Entry Draft, schedules were announced, players attended training camps if they are draft picks (which is allowed as long as they don't sign anything).  It's been exciting, and hey, hockey is only 10 weeks away, so yay!

That's not a typo.  October 4th is opening night, with two games of record going on, both in the state of Michigan (Michigan vs Ferris State and Michigan Tech vs LSSU).  Our three teams will all be in action too, with BG hosting Simon Fraser, WMU hosting Toronto, and Miami hosting the US U-18 Team, but all are exhibitions.

But before that, some news that you may have missed:

  • Three players with ties to our programs were drafted in the Entry Draft just about a month ago, all in the 3rd round.  Louis Belpedio (Miami) was drafted 80th overall by Minnesota.  Shortly after that, Max Iacopelli (WMU) went 83rd as a powerful scorer, going to Chicago.  Then, BG got into the mix with Mark Friedman going 86th overall to Philly.  #MACtion
  • Schedules were announced!  Even better?  WE HAVE MACTION IN WEEK 2* BABY (Week 1 for most teams).  Home-and-home between Bowling Green and Miami.  Balla!  Here is the Falcons' schedule.  For Miami, check here.  You can find the Broncos' schedule here.
  • Rob Blake made the Hall of Fame
  • Colton Hargrove took some BP at Fenway because the Bruins really love him
  • Oh yeah, that Alec Martinez guy from Miami scored the Stanley Cup Winning goal for the Kings

There has been more, but the key thing to remember is that we're so close to the season.  Lace up brothers!

Now on to your normal Saturday hi-jinks.