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Newsy News Is Newsy

Here's another day of loops that Mid-American Conference fans just love so much. Enjoy

David Buchan

Everybody is high on Akron football right now. We picked them to finish second in the East. The MAC Media has picked them to finish second as well. Terry Bowden doesn't seem to feel too strongly about the predictions one way or another. George M. Thomas of the Akron Beacon-Journal provides some of Bowden's responses to the predictions for the Zips.

11 people in central Indiana, and a woman from Muncie were arrested after raids by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Careful central Indiana, you don't want to end up down the dark path that southeastern Ohio is on. Chirp, Chirp. #Wenning

The Bowling Green Athletics web page has been running stories on the biggest/most important things to happen to Falcons athletics in the past scholastic year. This one stuck out. BGSU has some friendly donors. Well, basically the late Bill Frack. We have a write-up from when Mr. Frack passed away. There is a list at the bottom of the article with links to other big BGSU sports stories from the last school year.

Not sure if we detailed this about Buffalo's Joe Licata, but it sure seems like he is a swell fella. The rising senior quarterback has been named a finalist for the Allstate Good Works Football Team.

Is Dan LeFevour not always fun to talk about fellow MAC fans? The Central Michigan alumnus started for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats against the Ottawa Redblacks and led his team to a 33-23 victory. Always dangerous with his legs while tearing apart MAC defenses, LeFevour ran for 109 yards and a touchdown in the win and, oh yeah. he threw for 361 yards and a touchdown.

You want to see the gray turf. Admit it, the desire consumes you. Well, Eastern Michigan is making progress.

I had a friend come down and visit me from Kent last weekend. She initially went to OU but left so she could go to into fashion retail (something of that sort) at Kent. And evidently if you work for Kent State, you're bound to be content. Or so I hear.

Do people like Miami? I suppose I should include them...begrudgingly. Don't know if you want to go to any RedHawks games this fall? Announcing, THE MCFLEX MEAL PLAN.

I have done this in the past, I am a hypocrite. Guys, please don't text and drive. DeKalb public schools are trying to promote a good message here.

Ohio athletics has released its annual report. It features info about the athletes academics, ticket revenue, accomplishments, etc.

The Toledo men's basketball team is smart compared to its counterparts.

In Western Michigan news, if this news about a young bassoonist doesn't get you stoked, I don't know what will.

For UMass, check out what their athletics' site put together for MAC Media Day.

Don't think I forgot about puppies.

Puppies rolling down hills.

This classic commercial from Budweiser. Damn you Budweiser.

Another vine compilation.

Public Service Announcement. If you haven't gotten around to Weird Al's new album "Mandatory Fun." It's on Spotify, so there are no excuses! I expect a line from the album to be dropped by each of you in the comment section. You have your orders. Converse!