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MACtion In Canada and UMass Is Ranked Number One

More MAC news. I don't know how long I'll include UMass.

Tom Szczerbowski

Five University of Akron fraternity brothers were sentenced this week for a hazing incident back in January.

Sociologists at Bowling Green provide interesting new insight into the divorce rate in America.

The University at Buffalo is Governor Andrew Cuomo's first public appearance following allegations of corruption.

The Kent State Entrepreneurship Program figured out who has the fastest time when slapping a $20 bill down and stating, "Whoever wants this $20, come and get it!"

Miami fans, meet "Lil' John Harbaugh."

Prepare for an international incident.  The Ohio Bobcats basketball squad is invading Canada.

Keith Wenning's potential alone won't be enough to keep him in a Baltimore Ravens uniform.

Dan LeFevour is back behind centre!  Yes, "behind centre."

Eastern Michigan football added three future non-conference games, and it's an ambitious endeavor.

Northern Illinois alumni turn tragedy into technological triumph.

Toledo is beautiful.  If you look hard enough.

Western Michigan recently honored the first African-American to earn a degree in the history of the institution.

Where does UMass rank among the top party schools in Massachusetts?