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Belt Loops: Here To Help You Get Over Your Independence Day Hangover

Hot dog eating contests, fireworks and Red, White and Blue stuff. What else is America about?

Tom Pennington

In case you missed it, yesterday was Independence Day, otherwise known as the day that the entire country sits back and becomes one, huge patriotic mess. And. It's. Awesome. Well, for the most part.

Everyone bands together and shows the world why American's believe that America is the best freaking country on the planet. And since that typically means going out with your friends, binge drinking and cooking out like the pilgrims did, you, like many other patriots, probably have an Independence Day hangover.

But Belt Loops has the perfect way to solve that. With plenty of patriotic songs, videos and a little advice.

1. Independence Day movies will almost definitely be on for the remainder of the weekend, so grab a couple brews and some friends, lay back and soak up that hangover like a true American.

2. Greasy food can be your best friend...and your worst enemy. Don't be afraid to chow down on leftovers but also be aware that that idea could come back to bite you if you had a particularly "patriotic" day yesterday.

3. Finally, don't be afraid to show your true colors, which should still be red, white and blue. We all experience a little American Fever when the Fourth of July comes around and in coming down from that frenzied state, many of us will still be feeling the effects of the day before. So come down with your head held high and your flags up as we get done celebrating; don't let that patriotism slip just because the country is another year older.

Also for those of you who didn't hear, Neymar will be out for the rest of the tournament. The whole country of Brazil can be heard crying from a few thousand miles away. A Selecão's chances of winning the World Cup just got a lot slimmer.