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Belt Loops: Freedom Overload

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to do the Belt Loop De Loop and pull.

Guys, there has been so much freedom this weekend. So much. Surely you all aren't freedom'd out? I mean, I guess if you are, I couldn't blame you. So if that is the case, make sure to get in a nice dad nap.

Well, I mean, the U.S. is knocked out, Neymar has a broken vertebrae in his back; Costa Rica and Belgium were knocked out yesterday. On go Argentina and...THE DUTCH.

Also our 'Crooters have compiled this awesome list of recruits with links to all of stories they wrote for MAC 'Crootin. That is radical no? Look at how many 'croots the Broncos have! And shoot, BG got this guy. I am frightened as an Ohio fan.

I say we talk a little bit of MAC 'crootin in the comments on this lovely Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the last day of your extended weekend!

Also be excited, it's time to celebrate the best players of the best conference in the best level of the best sport that freedom has provided us! (Freedom be praised!) By that I mean, it's time for our top 50 countdown! Great work has been done to complete the first several profiles (mine being the first) and plenty of work will be done.

I say we all write-in Tim Howard as the Secretary of Defense. Any opposed? I'll take your silence as a confirmation of our greatest heroes' amazingness.

Anyway, here is a crude image of Clint Dempsey on a bald eagle.