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Belt Loops: Past, Present and the Future

History, current news, and the future is coming. The only problem is opening day can't come soon enough.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Raiders plan to use Kahlil Mack just about everywhere on defense. The former Buffalo Bulls superstar was the guest columnist on Monday Morning Quarterback Monday to give us more insight into how he's fitting into Oakland's defense. Who knows we might see him line up at safety. (Ok, I'm not being serious but they have big plans for him.)

On this day in 1982 Billy Martin gets his 1,000th career victory as a manager.

In 1988 Indians’ pitcher Bud Black ties MLB record by hitting four batters in the fourth inning. While watching baseball brawls can sometimes be fun, Roid Rage can bring hit batsmen to whole new levels. Just ask Mark Mcgwire

In 1994 Alex Rodriguez made his MLB debut at the age of 18. He went 0-3.

In case you've missed it there is a top 50 MAC player countdown going on. Be sure to check that out here.

Deandre Yedlin has been a hot topic with the World Cup going on. The good news is he's staying put for now.

Finally a ton of college football watch lists dropped yesterday. Matt Johnson found himself on the Maxwell Award list, while NIU receiver Tommylee Lewis landed on the Hornung Watch list.

Speaking of college football we are exactly 50 days away from opening kickoff!

Happy Tuesday everybody!