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Belt Loops: News From Northern Illinois to UMass and Every MAC School In-Between

News for every MAC school. Even you, UMass.

Most Ball State Cardinals are not paying the full price of tuition. That said, under the 21st Century Scholars program, applicants must be those who "achieve a cumulative high school grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, and who do not use illegal drugs or alcohol, or commit a crime or delinquent act."  That should eliminate most of Hustle Belt's contributors.  Me?  Just me?  Fine, just me.

An Ohio University student leader of a group promising to "get you off for free" is bringing Bobcat prez Roderick J. McDavis and two other top administrators to the courtroom for what is being classified as a violation of free speech.

In the preseason watch list that may not actually cross your radar, Kent State's Nate Terhune has been named to an "All Freak Team."

Terhune's got nothing on this Eastern Michigan grad making the 3,200 mile trek, on foot, from New York to San Francisco. It's to benefit the poor children of the world and it's already begun.  Look out your window.  Now.  Maybe he's passing you.

Any gastrointestinal issues that may arise when that young man returns could be helped at the University at Buffalo.  Swing by for a shot of "nanojuice" and see what's kicking around down there.

But who knows, by then maybe we'll be diagnosing disease based on the smell of a patient's breath, as this former UMass researcher aims to do.

No time to squeeze in a vacation this summer?  Former Chippewas should check out the "Central Michigan Alumni Cruise." Beach towel is included.  Dan LeFevour appearance unconfirmed.

Coke or Pepsi?  A decision has been made. What will Western Michigan fans be drinking in 2014 while the Broncos attempt to keep the boat afloat?

Die-hard Toledo fans will take their search for a new home to HGTV's House Hunters.

Three former Miami hockey players signed new deals on the second day of NHL free agency, bringing the total to four RedHawks with new contracts since July 1st.

Shocker from Bowling Green.  Fraternity houses have been judged to be "substandard."  BGSU plans to fix that problem with a cool $30 million.

An invention created for a contest at the University of Akron could save the lives of children mistakenly left inside of hot cars.

And if you're looking for a place to rent at Northern Illinois University, one entrepreneur has created a website to make that a little easier.