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Baseball, and Football, and Questions Oh My

27 days until MAC football returns, and some teams still don't have a starting quarterback named yet.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

As we enter August we are now only 27 days away from our first MAC football game. Akron, NIU and CMU will all open on Thursday the 28th, and will be available for your viewing pleasure on ESPN3. But, more about that once we get closer.

The MLB baseball trade deadline was at 4 p.m. EST yesterday. Apparently the Oakland Athletics, and Detroit Tigers are going to play in the American League Championship Series. The Cardinals are going to represent the National League in the World Series, and the Boston Red Sox are tanking the season.

No sense watching any more games I suppose. An injury could not possibly happen, a trade could not possibly blow up in a teams face, and nobody else is fighting for that championship ring. Got it.

NFL training camp has started for all 32 NFL teams. I attended Lions camp yesterday, and while people were going crazy because Calvin Johnson was signing autographs, I got a chance to catch up with Jordan Thompson. The former Bobcat was in high spirits as we chatted about his journey past and present. He also looks very focused. His journey in Detroit will be extremely difficult, but he understands that he can look good and still land an NFL job elsewhere.

Speaking of guys I'm pulling for, keep an eye out for this name of the Cleveland Browns. I heard he looks good in camp so far.

Let's talk quarterbacks for a second, I really like Drew Hare, but who is going to start for Northern Illinois?  How about the Toledo Rockets? I get that these may be old links, but the news is still relevant. Can you remember a time when we were this far into the offseason with question marks at the most important position in football?

Keep in mind these are two examples of contenders within the MAC, but there are at least four schools who still have not named a starting quarterback. That is unbelievable!

Happy Friday all!