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The Ohio Bobcats 2014 Football Season Preview With Nick Komjati

Will 2014 be a bumpy transition from the greatest class in Ohio Football history, or will lower expectations be just what the doctor ordered for the 'Cats to right the ship?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In 2012 Sports Illustrated declared Ohio as the next BCS busting program. Then it all fell apart. The Bobcats crumbled in the final stretch of 2012, and after a 6-2 start in 2013, the same followed. When the clock hit zero on a 37-20 to ECU, over were the careers of the greatest senior class in Ohio football history. Tyler Tettleton, Beau Blankenship, Donte Foster, Keith Moore, Travis Carrie are just some of the many names gone from the Bobcats as we enter 2014.

11 starters return in all, but only three on the offensive side. Expectations are down. It appears Ohio's in for a bumpy 2014. Or are they? To get a better sense of what Ohio Football has to offer in 2014 I brought on a former colleague, Nick Komjati of the Bobcat Sports Showcase and WOUB in Athens, Ohio to help me preview this team. Nick offers some great insight into the quarterback situation, who will be tabbed with running the ball, the expectations surrounding this defense and what 2014 could hold for Ohio.

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