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Central Michigan's Fake Top College Lawyer, Ohio Needs Beds, Bronco Loves Bourbon

Laughter as nutrition? You can't eat a laugh!

Ethan Miller

A man who recently kicked a cat in the air while walking near the University of Akron was arrested after the video was posted onto Facebook.

Researchers at Bowling Green State University are exploring the neural of humor and laughter. Does your diet have enough comedy?

The Bills are for sale, and a University at Buffalo Law School sports law expert weighs in on whether or not the new owner will move the team.

Incoming Kent State University freshmen will now be able to take a virtual tour of the campus, thanks to Google Maps.  A crew took over 4,600 photos, including areas only accessible by foot.

Miami University and adidas inked a new seven year deal that will run into 2021.  Adidas will sponsor all Miami teams, coaches, and staff.

With ten days remaining until the fall semester begins, Ohio University has 133 students who submitted a housing deposit yet are without a room.  They should start a fraternity and call it Lambda Lambda Lambda.

Ball State University's new president Paul Ferguson addressed closing the door on the recent investment scandal, and his agenda moving forward.

According to court documents, a Mount Pleasant lawyer and former instructor at Central Michigan University who is suing a student for defamation, admitted that he created a "top college lawyer" recognition and awarded it to himself.

The Michigan Department of Education announced on Monday that a quarter of the state's charter school authorizers are at risk of losing that privilege, including Eastern Michigan University.

DeKalb nuisances: The geese at Northern Illinois University, and urinating on the resting place of your loved ones.

A University of Toledo P.H.D. student will be evaluating the effectiveness of a pilot program addressing heroin addiction northwest Ohio.

A Western Michigan University graduate is leaving Chicago for the Detroit area and bourbon lovers will benefit from the move.

Continued fighting and violence in the Gaza Strip means all study abroad programs in Israel have been canceled for UMass students this upcoming fall semester.