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Northern Illinois Reveals New All-Red, All-Black Uniforms

A few weeks back the Northern Illinois Huskies teased some new matte black helmets they'd be wearing this fall. Saturday evening they revealed some new uniforms to go along with those lids.

After a morning practice head coach Rod Carey called the team into a meeting to pull a prank of sorts on his Huskies. After ripping into the team about the absence of some senior leaders, the lights went out and in walked those players sporting the Huskies complete line of Adidas swag, including new all red and all black variants.

"We didn't want to get too far away from who we are, because who we are has been pretty good," Carey said via a press release. "I think you can see tradition reflected in these uniforms as well as the appeal to the next generation, it captures both very well. When the team saw them, they were extremely excited."

The new looks are sharp, but definitely don't deviate from traditional NIU style too far. Personally, I'm a fan of the all-red look. Sharp red pants (no striping!) with an all red Adidas jersey featuring white numbers and a small NIU logo over the center of the chest, topped with the matte black helmets. It's an intimidating look.

The Huskies showed off three different decals they can wear on these matte black helmets too. The Huskie dog head logo, the NIU word logo or the chrome dog head logo can be used to change up the looks even more.

What do you all think about these new uniforms? Too much, too little, just right?