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Miscreants Have Recently Been Escaping Scrutiny, Until Now!

"Super Dave" Villwock returned to the cockpit, David Feherty got another year on the Golf Channel and Octomom managed to avoid prison for welfare fraud for not reporting her porn movie earnings.

Sam Greenwood

Current events have been intense. What with wars, suicide and autonomy getting all of our attention, we have forgotten about folks out there whose bad antics always make us smile.

"Super Dave" gets another ride, crashes into Jimmy Shane. Twice!

"Super Dave" Villwock is unlimited hydroplane racing's winningest driver. Dave Villwock was forced to leave the sport in 2012 when he intentionally ran into a course marker while angry over a minor rules dust up. The only problem was that there were competitors still on the course. To make things worse, Super Dave was driving for the host Spirit of Qatar in Doha, Qatar. The incident was a major embarrassment for the Qatari people.

Super Dave got a second chance recently and immediately took aim at Jimmy Shane. Shane is the photogenic young heir apparent to Bill Muncey. Muncey is generally regarded as the greatest unlimited racer in the history of the sport.

Super Dave managed to hit Shane in successive races. The second collision resulted in a broken nose for Super Dave. It is a good thing for Shane that the collision broke Villwock's nose. Otherwise, Jimmy would have had to break Super Dave"s nose himself.

The Golf Channel defies gravity and common sense and gives Feherty another year.

Golf raconteur David Feherty always seems to be one politically incorrect faux pas away from being removed from the public airways. Feherty has lived a charmed existence since being redeemed by CBS and the Golf Channel despite battling a plethoric number of demons.

Love or hate "The Man From Hope", Feherty's conversation with the former president was the best Clinton interview ever. If you are a fan of using food for props in slapstick, the segment where Feherty and John Daly abuse ice cream and chocolate syrup is guaranteed to produce a belly laugh. Feherty's quirky and offbeat style would make him the perfect person to get the most out of an interview with Dennis Rodman. The world awaits.

Octomom avoids prison for failing to disclose porn earnings to welfare officials.

No discussion of miscreants would be complete without including Octomom. She delivered to her legion of fans big time by being in the news not only for fraud, but for porn.

Octomom reminds us all that we can be whatever we want so long as we put our minds to it. Life isn't a destination, it's a journey. Have a day! :/