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2014 MAC Pick'em: We're Back and Better Than Ever!

After a one-year hiatus due to certain unnamed circumstances, we're back with the *4th Annual MAC Pick'em. Check out the rules and join the fun and possibly win the grand prize!

We're back!

After last year's troubles, which we're deeply sorry about but were completely out of our control on every end, we have brought back the good ole format that you grew to know and love in the now *4th-ish Annual Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em.

I'll let you celebrate.

Kool & The Gang - Celebration (via KoolAndTheGangVEVO)

OK, now settle down.

First things first, we're keeping the same format as we started with last year before having to close up shop.  In case you forgot, you make your picks on our weekly Google Form we will send out weekly.  Fill that out and watch the games.  Easy as that.

Scoring is also the same.  We're going to track how well both you do and your fanbase does, as well as awarding bonus points for "discussion".  More on that later.

OK, so visuals!  Scoring breakdown is as followed:

Non-conference games with a MAC Team
MAC games
Game(s) of the Week (as voted on by fans and decided on by admin)
x2 bonus
MAC Championship game
Bowl Games with a MAC team
Bonus for detailed/explained picks*

*detailed/explained picks are fairly simple: explain why you picked the team you did, or explain the game for us. get involved basically. My rule of thumb: 2/3 of the games must be covered.

Weekly tie-breakers stay the same: Points, Highest scoring MAC team, Lowest scoring MAC team. If tie remains, co-winners are announced.

Overall tiebreakers are, in order: Points, MAC Championship game winner, MACCG total score (31-24 = 55 final score), # of weeks won. If there is somehow a tie remaining, we go to total points scored by MAC schools in bowl games, closest without going over.

For detailed picks, just comment in the post. It's not that hard. If you have any questions/discrepancies with scoring, just contact me. We'll work it out and double-check the sheets. Use your screen-name on SBNation for EVERYTHING you send to me (picks, comments, emails). I do not know you. If your screen-name and real name match-up (like most of our staff), you don't have to take any extra steps here.

So that's it! If you have any questions, drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  Otherwise, LET'S GET IT ON!


Thursday (8/28)

Howard @ Akron - Well this is easy.  Even if our own Jesse Allen thinks Kyle Pohl and the rest of the Zips are highly overrated, this is still too easy of a game for Akron to blow, right?

Presbyterian @ NIU - If you're looking for an explanation, you should probably go remind yourself which website you're on.  This isn't a religion war.  This is footbawl!  PAWL!

Chattanooga @ Central Michigan - Fun fact:  I drafted Cooper Rush in our Hustle Belt Fantasy Football League.  Even though he might play a whole half, I still expect 300 yards and 3 TDs out of him.  Don't let me down

Friday (8/29)

Bowling Green @ Western Kentucky - Probably the hardest game to pick this week, but BG has an offensive minded coach with a loaded offense.  1 + 1 = I call 50+ points.

Saturday (8/30)

Western Michigan @ Purdue - As much as I'd like to see an upset, I don't see it happening.  Purdue sucks, but this WMU team still has a bit to grow, and that front seven for the defense is going to get a huge punch in the jaw by this B1G line.

Colgate @ Ball State - Lembo starts what should be his Swan Song with the Cardinals with a win over toothpaste.  I think the man likes cavities.  Someone check to make sure those chompers are real.

Boston College @ UMass - Not sure how UMass swung this home game, outside of the fact that it appears to be played at Gillette Stadium.  Either way, this is still BC's city, and will remain that way for a very long time.  Bonus points if Johnny Gaudreau, Tim Thomas, or Thatcher Demko show up at the game.

Duquesne @ Buffalo - No B.O.?  No Khalil Mack?  No Neutz?  No problem.  But more importantly, no fun.  All we're left with now is Joe "Lie with cats"-a.

Marshall @ Miami - So how long before Marshall puts in their back-ups?

Morgan State @ Eastern Michigan - The Factory starts out nicely with a cake-walk win over Morgan State.  Again, Bronson Hill is on my team, so 200 yards and a pair of TDs for me please.  K THX!

Ohio @ Kent State - This is really hard for me to pick.  Ohio is the better team but you know Kent will come out emotionally charged both from Bitsko's death and from a disappointing season last year.  Dix should be rocking, but Ohio knew how to handle EMU last year, and will probably have a similar gameplan for Kent State due to similar game styles.

New Hampshire @ Toledo - I wonder what Ya Boy has to say about this game and whether his team can break 50.

High Team: Bowling Green
Low Team: UMass

OK, now it's your turn.  Leave comments below for discussion points but MAKE YOUR PICKS IN THE FORM.  Here is a link if you can't submit them in the embedded form below.