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What If You Could Trade MAC Football Players and Coaches?

Let's make some deals!

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 MLB trade deadline reared its ugly head Thursday evening. Trade's happen in every major professional sports league, and they all have deadlines, but no league has figured out how to maximize the insanity of that day quite like the MLB.

Superstars get traded like they're holographic Charizard cards. Teams go from on the bubble to World Series contenders in one afternoon. all because they are able to parlay some prospects for that missing piece.

What if we were able to trade players and coaches from around the MAC? Say you could swap your solid backup quarterback to UMass for...well, I'm not really sure what you'd want from UMass, but just think of the possibilities. Injuries wouldn't necessarily have to wreck seasons anymore. Teams who are dealing with a slump could trade for a hot performer to give them that extra boost, or if you're Miami you could trade away whatever valuable pieces you have for promising young freshman in hopes of speeding up your rebuilding process.

Akron could bring in some depth at running back to be able to better compete with Bowling Green this fall. Northern Illinois could trade one of its many offensive weapons for an experienced starting quarterback, like a Joe Licata. Western Michigan could trade Donald Celiscar to say a Bowling Green for prospects to be named later. Ohio could trade some defensive backs for an offensive playbook designed in the 21st century.

Of course there'd need to be some limits. A trade deadline would need to be implemented, say somewhere around Week 7. Only players or coaches would be able to be traded. Sorry Eastern Michigan, gray turf isn't eligible for inclusion in any deals. The commissioner's office would need to approve all trades, and certain players, say Bowling Green's Matt Johnson or Toledo's Junior Sylvestre, would probably have to be on a do-not-trade list. But still, it'd add another layer to  already stacked confetti cake that is #MACtion.

So who would you trade/trade for if this were real? Let the deal-making begin.