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Hustle Belt Is an SB Nation Featured Blog This Month

Mama' we made it!

Leon Halip

Being fans of smaller schools can be a pain. B1G school fans across the nation think we're crazy. The national media doesn't seem to know our teams exist. Local coverage is good, but hard to find. That's where we come in.

As a group of fans from around the Mid-American Conference we've pooled together to give our fellow fans the coverage they deserve. Local coverage of MAC schools is good, but it doesn't cover everything. Recruiting coverage, for example, is hard to come by, so we have doubled down on it.  We try to provide a humorous, sometimes serious, look at the issues and  teams we love, and judging by the reaction from our readers and fellow MAC fans, I think we do a solid job of that.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, it's my honor to announce that we are one of four blogs on the SB Nation network of 307 to be named as a featured blog this month. We join the likes of The Falcoholic (the Atlanta Falcons blog), Lighthouse Hockey (The New York Islanders blog), and Barca Blaugranes (the FC Barcelona blog).

Our great staff of volunteer contributors pour their heart and soul into bringing you great coverage, and because of the tireless work they've put in we've received this honor. You MAC fans provide us with a great community of fans to pull ideas from, and because of you we've received this honor. Matt Sussman had the crazy idea of starting a MAC blog four years ago, and because of his vision and passion we've continued to grow and carry the torch for MAC fans everywhere.

Thank you to all of you. Now let's go out there and kick some B1G ass this month.