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The Factory Doesn't Look Stupid

We've been really mean about The Factory ever since rumors about its unsexy appearance leaked. Here are some pictures and videos that are on the internet that you can see if you haven't already visited Rynearson Stadium recently.

Did you enjoy that visual fly through of the field? Well, don't worry. It looks wayyyyyyy cooler than the computerized field with the kelly green grass. You know what else is cool? Time-lapsed things.

Coach Creighton and team captains Pat O'Connor, Lincoln Hansen and Pudge Cotton were all pretty excited to reveal the stadium to the public.

I'll give them a 'C' on the entrance. It'd be cute if they would've worn some hard hats with carpenter style jeans.

Ah, that's right. Photos taken at bird's eye view. Those are neat.

Time to fire up that Instagram account! Look at everybody taking pictures of the field that they all hated.

For everybody saying "yeah, whatever, I just want some wins," this blog says that it's not outside the realm of possibility.

And if you want more, Ken Bailey from Eagle Totem took a bunch of photos and made it into a slideshow. Be sure to check those out too. And if you still hate the field, then whatever. You're opinion is just unimportant at that point.