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2014 Western Michigan Football Season Preview Podcast With Brian Persky

Will WMU's boat sink or sail in 2014?

Brian Kersey

2013 marked the beginning of a new era in Western Michigan football. P.J. Fleck, the youngest head coach in FBS history, took over and brought in an invigorating sense of energy that was supposed to help get the program back to its winning ways. Then the season started and the Broncos, riddled with injuries, lost to an FCS team and managed just one win on the year.

Fleck managed to haul in the best recruiting class the MAC has ever seen this past spring, but now that fall camp is here and some of those highly touted signees aren't actually with the program, is there reason to be optimistic for Fleck's second voyage? Or will the Kalamazoo boat-rowers be in store for another rocky season? To help answer those questions, and more, we brought on our very own Brian Persky, formerly of

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