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What MAC Fantasy Team Are You?

The season is still weeks away, but fantasy football has already begun.

Patrick Smith

Coming soon to Hustle Belt: An All-MAC fantasy league. Follow your favorite MAC writers (and me too!) as we draft fantasy teams from a MAC player pool and fight for MAC supremacy (or at least bragging rights). As a result, we need advice for our fantasy team names! Being a UMass writer, I'm going with "Chains and Whipple Excite Me." Here's my ideas for other teams, but I'm sure our readers can do better (and I apologize in advance for all the horrible puns):

Akron: Bowden Before Zod

Bowling Green: Dinosaur Haircuts

Buffalo: How Many Licata's Does It Take

Central Michigan: Enos What You Did Last Summer

Eastern Michigan: Roback To The Future

Kent State: Haynes Underwear

UMass: Chains and Whipple Excite Me

Miami: Chuck Martin Lawrence

Northern Illinois: Keep Calm and Carey On

Ohio: The Solich King

Toledo: Campbell's Soup

Western Michigan: Flecking The Bean

Okay, those are my ideas, but everyone should be able to do better than that. So let's hear it in the comments, what's your horrible pun/fantasy team idea?