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College Football Rankings: MAC Power Rankings Week 1

The MAC had issues in week one of the college football season, while some teams gave us hope for the season ahead.

Kareem Hunt and Toledo move up to #1
Kareem Hunt and Toledo move up to #1
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

What is it like to beat an FBS team in week one? Well, Ohio is the only MAC team to know at the start of this football season, but the week wasn't altogether bad for the Mid-American Conference. The kicking wasn't too great, but Lou Groza Award candidate Josiah Yazdani saved the day for the Bobcats. Overall, MAC teams went 7-0 against FCS squads and 1-4 against FBS teams (0-4 against Non-MAC FBS teams). Then of course we had that thing that happened in Bowling Green, Kentucky. So how do the teams stack up after all of that? to the power rankings:

The "We Have Stuff To Work On's"

13. Massachusetts (LW: 13)

12. Eastern Michigan (LW: 11)

11. Miami (LW: 12)

10. Western Michigan (LW: 10)

9. Kent State (LW: 9)

So the bottom of the MAC didn't fair great in week one, but there were at least positives. Chris Creighton and his factory crew won their first game over Morgan State. Miami kept up with Marshall for a good portion of the afternoon. The Broncos rowed their boat to a solid offensive showing until they remembered that they needed to play defense against the perennially awful Boilermakers. And Kent State forced turnovers on four straight drives in the second half and still only managed to score 14 total points. Massachusetts put seven on the board against BC...NEXT

Stuck In The Middle Like PB&J

8. Central Michigan (LW: 8)

7. Buffalo (LW: 6)

6. Ohio (LW: 7)

5. Ball State (LW: 4)

4. Akron (LW: 5)

3. Bowling Green (LW: 1)

We included our numero three ranked team in this set because of just how bad a night Bowling Green had defensively against those Hilltoppers. The Chips pulled out a four-point win against Chattanooga and Buffalo nearly suffered a brutal loss against Duquesne (shades of Stony Brook anyone?), so the Bulls fell one spot. Ohio, as we mentioned before won by a field goal, Ball State exhibited an impressive ground game, and Akron and Kyle Pohl went HAM on Howard.

The Best, Around. (Nothing's Ever Going To Bring Them Down.)

2. Northern Illinois (LW: 3)

1. Toledo (LW: 2)

So the best of the best in week one were our old friends the Huskies and the Rockets. NIU's 55-3 victory over Presbyterian was a thing of ease as the boys from DeKalb racked up 635 net yards. The Rockets got hit in the face early against New Hampshire and went down two scores early, but then proceeded to put it on their opponents and rode the arm of Phillip Ely to a 54-20 win.