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Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em: Regroup and Reload

After a fairly calm first week, we really begin to kick it up as we move into more and more tough games. See how you finished last week and prepare for the madness ahead.

That was fun.

Week 1 brought us a lot of action in the Pick'em.  Some good, some bad, but generally, predictable.  Only one person went perfect however, and they didn't even finish alone in first thanks in part to great participation with the discussions from last week (worth a point due to me not specifying a total ahead of time).

In total, 12 people finished tied for first place last week with 15 points.   agralak finished with the perfect week, but did not finish in the final group after the two tie-breakers, leaving us with a three-way tie for the winning week.  So congratulations to the winners - InCareyWeTrust, Bryan M. Vance, and Trufire - and good luck to everyone else next week.

Here is the link to the scoring spreadsheet. I will not be posting the table here because, well, it's over 100 entries.  That's probably half of what we had in all of Season 1.  Well done everyone.

Also, I'm scrapping the team breakdown.  As much as I'd love to do it, figuring out the expressions for it is impossible on my time, so maybe next year with some more research.

Now, on to Week 2!

Akron @ Penn State - Christian Hackenburg.  'Nuff said.

Central Michigan @ Purdue - Even though I watched Purdue struggle to beat lowly Western Michigan, I also watch CMU struggle to beat Chattanooga.  WMU also had Jarvion Franklin come from nowhere and Purdue was off balance most of the game because of that.  You know what you're getting from the Chips.

Buffalo @ Army - The MAC continues its reign over the Black Knights.  U-S-A?

Missouri @ Toledo - I really want to pick the Rockets here, especially after their explosion against UNH.  But Mizzou should be able to take care of bidness.

South Alabama @ Kent State - I have high hopes for the Golden Flashes after they hung with Ohio for 60 minutes. And by high hopes, I mean maybe .500?

Colorado @ UMass - Did you see that Colorado/Colorado State game?  It was awesome.  UMass gonna UMass in front of 5 fans.

Eastern Kentucky @ Miami - Damn the RedHawks looked good on Saturday.  Or so I'm told.  I didn't see the game.  Watch out MAC.

Ohio @ Kentucky - Sure Kentucky blows chunks in the SEC.  But they still are pretty decent.  Plus, I'm not sure where Ohio is at right now as a team

Ball State @ Iowa - My "bold" pick of the week.  Iowa didn't really convincingly beat Northern Iowa, while Ball State handled Colgate.  I really like where Lembo is taking the Cardinals, even without Wenning.  Go for broke!

Northern Illinois @ Northwestern - True story:  some troll on the internet tried telling me that the Big Ten was going to sweep the MAC this year.  Between these two games (and even Purdue vs CMU), at least one win should be registered.  If the sweep occurred, I'd probably die.

VMI @ Bowling Green - Exercise those demons Dino.

Eastern Michigan @ Florida - Maybe this game can get rained out too?

HIGH:  Bowling Green
LOW:  Eastern Michigan

Alright, now you make your picks.  Each discussion poster will get 2 points this week.  Don't forget to vote for Game of the Week too, worth double the points!