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2014 College Football Rankings: Underdogs Poll, Week 4 Ballots

We both still think BYU is the best, but I'm real high on Pirates, while Keith is more of a fan of Thundering Herds.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While this weekend may have largely been one to forget for the Mid-American Conference, many of the top "Group of Five" football teams showed why they're so highly-esteemed.

Sure, Ball State fell to an FCS foe, and Toledo got rocked by Cincinnati, but NIU looked strong out west, and BGSU's insanely up-tempo offense notched the Falcons half as many "Power 5" wins as the entire Big Ten. Around the rest of the land of the Underdogs, Marshall kept on rolling (at the expense of Ohio), BYU and Taysom Hill are still head and shoulders above the rest, and ECU knocked off a ranked team! As always, you can view how Keith and I voted in the latest Underdogs Poll following the wild Week 3 of this 2014 season.

Bryan Keith
2 ECU 2 Marshall
3 Cincinnati 3 Cincinnati
4 Marshall 4 ECU
5 Navy 5 NIU
6 NIU 6 Navy
7 UCF 7 Boise State
8 Boise State 8 SDSU
9 Louisiana Tech 9 Colorado State
10 Utah State 10 Utah State
12 Nevada 12 WKU
13 Colorado State 13 Memphis
14 BGSU 14 Georgia Southern
15 Louisiana-Monroe 15 Louisiana Tech

The full poll will be out later today. For now, tell us how little we understand college football in the comments section.