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Thanks For All the MACtion

Viva la MACtion!

Rob Carr

The general sport-watching public may know the Mid-American Conference as the funky bunch of teams that play entertaining weeknight college football, but for those of us who love this conference, we know it is much more than that.

Many great things, and people, got their start in the MAC.  Homer and Bart Simpson. David Letterman. Buffalo Wild Wings. John Heisman. The Black Keys. Jim Tressel. MACtion. Papa Johns (an all-natural colonic method). Arsenio Hall. MacGyver. Muscle Music. Nick Saban's scowl. Jack Lambert's missing teeth. Mike Schmidt. Corn Flakes. The Pringles can. Gumby.

Then, of course, we have Hustle Belt.

A few years back, Matt Sussman got the idea to create a MAC-centric site, by MAC fans, for MAC fans. It was a radical idea that a conference full of students wearing B1G gear on Saturdays would actually have enough dedicated fans to make the Belt work, but it did. Then, 14 months ago, Suss decided to retire to a life of farming Detroit Tigers puns on Twitter, and he entrusted me with steering this ship of jolly fools.

14 months later, I'm thrilled to say the ship is not only still afloat, but sailing better than ever.

Which leads me to the point of this post: Effective the other day, I have officially stepped aside as editor-in-chief of the Belt. Long story short, like many of the coaches who've stopped by, I am leaving for the cash money. But unlike Nick Saban, I'll never forget where I came from.

I've loved every single minute of covering MACtion here at the Belt. It's been a pleasure chewing out MAC refslaughing at ridiculous arrestsdrooling over Jordan Lynch, and shutting down Cleveland in mid-March for some MACsketball with all of you; especially the staff here at the Belt.

The staff here (minus Keith, because he's an ass) had the passion, patience and immaturity necessary to thrive under a regime change. That is why I feel comfortable stepping down now as I move on to a new challenge in my career as a professional internetsman

Alex Alvarado, effective the other day, is the new head jester of this court, and together with the staff here—including me, albeit in a much smaller role—will continue to make the Belt the home for rabid MAC fans.

You'll still get passionate MACtion coverage. You'll still get HOT MACTION TAKES on Twitter. Only now with less me, and more Alex. He's funnier than I ever could be, anyway, so you're welcome, Twitter followers.

As Sussman said, I'll see you again on the weeknights.

Viva la MACtion!