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Life After Matt Johnson For the Falcons Doesn't Have To Be So Bleak

On the 30th episode of Mid-American Hustle, Bryan and contributor Thurman Dieter discuss the news of the hour: Matt Johnson's season-ending hip injury.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Bowling Green fans got some rather terrible unexpected news when head coach dino Babers announced that starting quarterback Matt Johnson was likely done for the season following a hip injury. Obviously losing a quarterback is never good, especially not when he may just be the best player in the conference and a key player in your team's hopes of winning a conference title.

To get some perspective on what the loss of Johnson means to the team, I spoke with Thurman Dieter, one of our Bowling Green experts here at The Belt. Dieter and I talk about the injury to Johnson, the loss at WKU, what BGSU fans should expect out of their new starting quarterback, Jason Knapke, and took a look ahead at what the rest of the season has in store for the Falcons in this 30 minute episode (the 30th episode, too) of Mid-American Hustle.

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