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Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em: Hurry Up and Pick Already!

Despite a lack of internet and cable over the weekend, we were able to come up with a sole winner for the week. Was it you? Don't forget to make your picks for this coming week!

Well that was a fun weekend!  I had the fun pleasure of being able to experience my power going out not two hours after I got home from work on Friday, thus missing all of the action Saturday.  And I mean ALL OF IT.  Got to come home Saturday night after a fun time with some friends in South Bend, and got to spend my Sunday sans cable and internet.  So yay football!

Anyways, we have a complete winner this week.  A lot of people missed some key games, and our Game of the Week was decided upon by our site manager and myself, ending up Missouri vs Toledo.  Mizzou won, and earned everyone who picked them two points.

After tallying up the scores (and docking a person points for picking late), your winner is.......rollemeaway.  They finished with 13 points, hitting the detailed pick as well, and nailing both BGSU as the high and EMU as the low.  Congrats!  Hat tip to Josh G and mikekarpinski for tying at 13, but missing the high team.

Click here to see the full scoring breakdown.  We'll try to get you full cumulative totals next week.

Now, on to Week 3, and the return of the Western Michigan Broncos!  YAY!!!!

Friday, September 12

Toledo @ Cincinnati - The loss of Ely hurts the Rockets a lot.  He was a strong passer, and now Toledo is back at square one.  Cincy rolls a demoralized Rocket team

#7 Baylor @ Buffalo - Does it really need to be said?  Better question:  Does Baylor top 60?

Saturday, September 13

Kent State @ #22 Ohio State - Ohio State continues their reign over the rest of the state....for now

Ohio @ Marshall - If I told you the opening lines are giving Ohio 21 points, would you believe me?  Better question, would you still take Marshall?  I would

Syracuse @ Central Michigan - Screw it.  I'm going with the Chips to stay unbeaten.  If they can down the Orange, a perfect 4-0 non-conference schedule is very realistic.  What's even more scary, is they'd be half-way to bowl eligibility.  In mid-September.  I can practically smell the new contract for Enos

Indiana @ Bowling Green - Too bad Maty J is out for the year.  This would've been a much more fun game to watch.

UMass @ Vanderbilt - Did UMass really hang with Colorado, or am I seeing my phone wrong?

Indiana State @ Ball State - Nice to see that the Fighting Lembos are still doing well without Wenning.  Enjoy this season Card fans, he won't be there next year.

Miami @ Michigan - I actually thought Miami was going to win.  What happened?  They'll now be 0-3 with that October 4th meeting against UMass not coming soon enough.

Western Michigan @ Idaho - If you're keeping track, this is the 3rd MAC team I've picked to win this week, and we're on pick number 10.  The other two are both home games, with the CMU game going out on a limb.  This is another, but WMU had a bye to rest up and prepare for the Kibbie Dome.

Eastern Michigan @ Old Dominion - Nothing right now makes me want to pick the Eagles here.  They barely beat Morgan State, then got demolished by Florida.  Good luck Creighton, you'll need it.

Northern Illinois @ UNLV - So over/under 5.5 years for NIU to not finish Top 3 in the MAC.  Is it bad that the over could be the smart pick?  Holy cow, the Huskies just own the MAC (and half of the Big Ten) at this point.  GIVE THEM FORD FIELD.

High: NIU
Low: Kent St

OK, now it's your turn.  Another 2 point week for detailed picks.  Don't forget to vote for Game of the Week (I didn't forget this time), and use the form for all of your picks.  Please don't be a smartass, use your actual SB Nation user name.