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College Football Playoff National Championship open chat

No flex zone.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

No MAC, but a lot of quack.

We've got nothing else better to do with our lives in MACsberg, and we all know what you're watching, so let's all get together and have an open chat. I enjoy our community of MAC fans, but let's remember that we couldn't love the MAC without loving sports first.

It's cool to have no bias in any of this. I'm not a big fan of any Big Ten school, never really rooted for Ohio State, but I'm digging the fact that Caradele Jones showed us what he came to Ohio State for. I've got nothing on them right now. Being a hater gets old and boring. Still not a fan, but I'd hate to lie and say that I don't enjoy watching them play the way they do, because they're magnificent.

And Oregon. First off, uniforms. I've honestly only disliked two or three designs/schemes dating back to my middle school days, which is when I first decided to give football a shot. Then there's Marcus Mariotta, WHO THE LIONS OUGHTA TRADE UP AND DRAFT AIN'T THAT RIGHT (Okay, sorry, I got excited. Lemonade-flavored Amp is my favorite), but Mariotta is so damn good. I remember the first time I watched him play was before his first full season as a starter, I was chilling at my parents' house skimming through channels early one day and stumbled upon Oregon's spring game. Darron Thomas wasn't there any more, so I had no clue who was next in line. Then Mariotta did some football stuff, I drooled and want the Lions to have him.

Also, Twitter.

I'm picking the Ducks to win this one. Reasoning: 80% Mariotta, 30% uniforms.