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Belt's Beer Garden: Into the Floyd

This week we right a wrong we have committed.

After more than three months of reviews, it occurred to us that we haven't reviewed a single beer from one of the most famous breweries in MAC territory - 3 Floyd's. So this week Norm and I have each picked out a FFF beer to review in order to correct this tragedy. First up, my review of Space Station Middle Finger.

space station

Three Floyds, or 3 Floyds, or FFF is probably one of the most coveted beers I know of. They have a cult-like following and I couldn't believe we hadn't reviewed one of their beers yet, so I'm about to change that. FFF operates out of Munster, Indiana and began way back in 1996. They have a reputation for being very selective in determining who, and where, they distribute to, so if you want to see if they are near you, here's their handy distribution log. I've had their beers before and they have all been hoppy and delicious, but I decided to try a new one for this review - Space Station Middle Finger (mostly for the name alone).

Space Station Middle Finger pours copper color with very little head topping it. It smells strongly of tropical fruits with a hoppy sting in the background. When you first drink it, it's a very smooth beer and there isn't any immediate taste. However, you get a nice citrus flavor late. The hops you smell in the background are almost no where to be found in the taste. It's incredibly smooth throughout and doesn't overpower you with any strong flavors. You do taste grapefruit and a slight hint of hops, but the malts and hops are balanced really nicely.

Space Station is only 6.0% ABV and 50 IBU so there is no alcohol burn or sting from the hops, you just taste citrus and a hint of carbonation when drinking, but the beer itself is not a dry beer whatsoever. As far as Three Floyds go, it's a good beer, but not their best...and at $10.99 for a 22 ounce bomber it's pretty overpriced (but all of their stuff is going to be expensive). It's a nice beer, but they have better. I give it an eight.

8 beers
To do his part in this, Norm chose to try YumYum.


I can think of no better pairing than that of football with beer. Since it's the time of year when we crown our football champions, we should be celebrating them with a champion caliber beer. And for my money, there's no better brewer in this part of the country than 3 Floyds out of Munster, Indiana.

I know it's hard to imagine something so great coming out of Munster, Indiana.  But this is and has been, the Mecca of craft beers in the Midwest for awhile now. Sorry Bell's. Sorry Surly. Hell, 3 Floyds is the world Mecca of craft beer festivals when Dark Lord Day rolls around. It may be easier to get a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory than it is to score a ticket to this fest and the possibility of some Dark Lord Stout that the festival is built around.

So while I may not have my hands on any Zombie Dust, Dreadnaught, or Permanent Funeral, I do have a sixer of a smooth little number by the name of YumYum.

This is an American Pale Ale (APA), which also happens to be a session ale, set me back $12.99.

YumYum pours to a brilliant gold hue with minimal carbonation and average amount of head.  Plenty of lacing hanging onto my glass. The immediate aromas were of the malt, caramel, and grass, with a touch of floral and citrus as well. It's somewhat hoppy, but nothing too explosive. Overall, it's pretty tame on the nose.

Sweet at first taste. Then the citrus, malt and hops quickly crash the party. They sort of cram into your mouth all at once like all the three stooges trying to squeeze through an open door. Not a single one on its own creating a ruckus with your taste buds. Then POOF they're gone, leaving nothing on the tongue and before you know it you need another gulp to ponder what you just enjoyed.

Balanced is the best description I can give this beer.  And at only 5.5% alcohol, this may be something you want to grab a six pack of for either the Super Bowl or conference championships. Pair it up with what ever you're snacking on and really enjoy one of the best days of the year with one of the best drinkable beers. I give it an eight.

8 beers