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MAC men's basketball open chat: It's [finally] the first night of in-conference play

Gary A.Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been hearing or seeing things on the internet about today being the first night of in-conference play, they're not just rumors, they're true.

Time Game Watch
7:00 CMU @ Toledo BCSN/ESPN3
7:00 WMU @ Akron

Had you told me that Central Michigan has a really good shot at upsetting Toledo on the road two months ago, I would've gone all Kareem Hunt on you with a stiff arm to the face. But at 10-1 and one of the best scoring teams in the nation, I'll reserve any more comments until we see who's the better team in head-to-head competition. But if things go down to the wire, it's hard to go against Juice Brown.

And how about this Western Michigan vs. Akron game? In our most recent power rankings, these two teams ended up being tied at fifth place, while the Chippewas leapfrogged their way up to no. 4. After the awkwardness of me not knowing if I'm giving these two teams enough credit or giving them too much, we can finally see these two teams go at it.