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Hustle Belt Fantasy League: Three triple-digit scores highlight huge rivalry week

Matt Johnson, Cooper Rush, Thomas Woodson, and Drew Hare all found themselves in 30+ point territories after stellar performances on Saturday.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The MAC experienced their first rivalry week of the season on Saturday, as three trophy games were on the docket. Western narrowly walked away with the Victory Cannon, Ohio demolished Miami in the Battle of the Bricks, and NIU scored 59 to earn the Bronze Stalk.

There were a lot of great statistical performances from a number of MAC players, primarily at the quarterback position, though not exclusively. The Roger Lewis/Matt Johnson connection continues to be a formidable one, and the numbers clearly show that Drew Hare and Cooper Rush are willing their teams to good efforts each week.

This week featured a lot of blowouts, so if you like your fantasy games to be close, look away now.

Before getting into the stats and scores, I just want to go through a few housekeeping items.

The Frumpy Apples have switched their team name to Cooper Rush Happy Hour, and there was an unannounced trade last week between two teams that would eventually play one another this week.

The former Frumpy Apples sent Ball State's defense, Miami receiver Sam Martin, and Toledo RB Damion Jones-Moore to Firing Up My Chips in exchange for the Ohio defense, Ohio running back AJ Ouelette, and Akron receiver Andrew Pratt.

Okay, with that out of the way: SCOREBOARD TIME.

#3 Tupande Kileleni (Alex Alvarado) vs. #4 Kadeem Goul-bourne Supremacy (Justin Coffin)

Player Pts Position Player Pts
Phillip Ely 17 QB Derrius Vick 12
Darius Jackson 12 RB Jamauri Bogan 4
--- -3 RB Cody Grice 0
Gehrig Dieter 8 WR Kenny Golladay 21
Corey Jones 7 WR Corey Davis 11
Cody Tuttle 1 TE Ben McCord 16
Darian Green 1 FLEX Ronnie Moore 15
Dustin Creel 0 FLEX Carrington Thompson 0
Tyler Tate 14 K Kaleb Patterson 3
Central Michigan -7 D/ST Kent State -1

This was the closest game of the day, and even this was a pretty good beating.

Alex gets a deduction for not starting a second running back on a day where the Central Michigan defense contributed -7 points and saw virtually no production from his FLEX positions (2 points between Green, Creel, and Tuttle). Alex actually won the positional battle at QB and starting HB, but suffered terribly in the receiving game. All of Jusitn's receivers, save Carrington Thompson, scored over double digits, with Kenny Golladay scoring 21 on the day after a 98 yard, two touchdown performance. Phillip Ely's 218 total yards and two touchdowns highlights Tupande Kileleni's day.

#1 Corey Davis Based God (Brown and Gold) vs. #8 Reece's Huff (Mike Karpinski)

CDBG Reece's
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Matt Johnson 37 QB Colin Reardon 2
Joel Bouagnon 26 RB Jarvion Franklin 17
Jamal Wilson 4 RB Conor Hundley 23
Ryan Burbrink 12 WR Antwan Dixon 1
Sebastian Smith 15 WR Jordan Williams 10
Rodney Mills 10 TE Keith Heitzman 0
Kareem Hunt 20 FLEX Ernest Calhoun 1
Shaq Vann 9 FLEX James Gilbert 10
Christian Hagan 11 K Josiah Yazdani 10
Toledo 16 D/ST Northern Illinois -6

Fitz coached the high team this week, riding on the coattails of Matt Johnson (452 total yards, five touchdowns) and Joel Bouagnon (149 yards, two touchdowns) for a third straight victory, this time over our recruiting coordinator Karp, who suffers his third straight loss. Fitz' roster is currently so stacked, that he could afford the luxury of starting Kareem Hunt at the FLEX spot. Blake Frohnaphel had 27 points on the bench for Fitz as well. Karp sat Jordan Huff (95 total yards, two touchdowns and 20 points) and started Ernest Calhoun at the FLEX instead. Karp is stuck in Waiver Wire purgatory once again.

#2 Zippy Squad (Matt Hammond) vs. #6 Double Fisting Pepsis (Russ Johnson)

Player Pts Position Player Pts
Thomas Woodson 31 QB Brogan Roback 19
Fred Coppet 12 RB Trayion Durham 3
Terry Swanson 22 RB Travis Greene 27
Imani Davis 15 WR Robbie Rhodes 0
Chris Gallon 0 WR Alonzo Russel 5
Michael Roberts 0 TE --- -3
Daniel Braverman 31 FLEX Jerome Lane 22
Tajai Sharpe 21 FLEX Argeros Turner 7
Robert Stein 9 K Dylan Mulder 3
Akron 10 D/ST Miami -1


Russ forgot to start a player again, but only gets docked three points this time. It ultimately doesn't matter in the scheme of things though, as Matt destroyed him by nearly double. Zippy Squad had six players hit double digits, with Daniel Braverman (137 yards, three touchdowns) being the highlight of the day for ZIPPY.  TERRY had a notable performances from Travis Greene (157 yards, two touchdowns) and picked up the WAIVER WIRE TRANSACTION OF THE WEEK (trademark pending) in Akron's Jerome Lane, who had 104 yards and two touchdowns against EMUfor a total of 20 points. NOt bad for a converted linebacker.

#5 Cooper Rush Happy Hour (James Jimenez) vs. #7 Firing Up My Chips (Nick Fries)

Player Pts Position Player Pts
Cooper Rush 30 QB Drew Hare 30
AJ Ouelette 2 RB Damion Jones-Moore 0
Daz'Mond Patterson 10 RB Donovan Wilson 6
Roger Lewis 20 WR Jesse Kroll 7
Anthony Rice 6 WR Sam Martin 1
Sam Browning 12 TE Ryan Smith 0
Jahray Hayes 10 FLEX Marcen Michel 10
Ke'Vonn Mabon 15 FLEX Kris White 0
Brian Eavey 7 K Jameson Vest 6
Ohio 37 D/ST Ball State -6

Oh hey, look at that: CHIP ON CHIP VIOLENCE!

The trade mentioned at the top of the article seems to be working in CRHH's favor right now, as Ohio scored 37 points as a defense. Damion Jones-Moore sat in favor of Terry Swanson, and the timing could not have been worse for poor Frenchy, while his waiver wire pickups of Kris White, Ryan Smith, and Donovan Wilson scores six points combined. (Wilson scored all six points, btw.) There wasn't much help on the bench for FUMC either, with two players injured, one player suspended, and the remaining players (Bowling Green, Dylan Curry, and Juwan Brescacin) scoring five points combined. Ball State put up a dud against NIU after a solid showing the past four weeks. James left Riley Neal (31 points), Eddie Daugherty (15), and Morgan Hagee (11) on the bench in this matchup.

The standings are gonna see a lot of movement this week, so that should be fun. Here are the Week 7 matchups:

High seed Low Seed
#1 Corey Davis Based God (5-1) #4 Cooper Rush Happy Hour (3-3)
#2 Zippy Squad (5-1) #8 Reece's Huff (1-5)
#3 Tupande Kileleni (4-2) #6 Double Fisting Pepsis (2-4)
#5 Kadeem Goul-bourne Supremacy (3-3) #7 Firing Up My Chips (2-4)