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2015 Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em - Week 7: Time to separate the adults from the kiddies

After a fairly bland line-up of games last week, this week provides a multitude of games that could go either way. It should be an exciting week in the Pick'em

I normally don't do this, but for one last time before I move on to my #BeatOhio movement, let me get this off my chest......


Ok, back to business.  With the CMU-WMU game being a VERY tight pick spread (wavered around a true pick'em most of the week), that ended up being the large portion of how well people did.  Eventually, CMU gained a slight upper-hand late in the picks, but lost anyways.  Coupled with Miami's awful performance (hi Chuck Martin, how's that seat feel?), we whittled down our winners to two people:  JamJohnson29 and agralak.  Congrats

Full scoring breakdown here

The cumulative totals are here.  There's a three-way tie for 1st at 65 points, but plenty of contenders right behind them.

Now, onto Week 7!  Only two more weeks of Saturday Only games before we hit the weeknight stuff.

Saturday, October 17th

Western Michigan @ Ohio - This should be a great game.  Ohio's defense has been superb lately and the Bronco offense has looked impressive in most of their games this year (except Georgia Southern).  Last year, this game ended 42-21.  I don't expect a blowout like last year, but I still think the Broncos come away with a tight victory here.

Eastern Michigan @ #22 Toledo - Kareem back?  Kareem back!  Yeah, I expect this to be a blowout.  Sorry, Alex

Buffalo @ Central Michigan - Buffalo has a good defense, but despite what I saw on Saturday, I think CMU's is better.  Also, Cooper Rush is impressive as a QB.  He will lead his team to victory.

Northern Illinois @ Miami - Little early to say if NIU is back or not.  They still have to face Toledo and WMU, but their road back to Detroit is on track once more.

Georgia State @ Ball State - THE NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE IS FINALLY DEAD!  Ball State rolls over an awful Georgia State team.  Any other school from Georgia?  This is a loss.

Akron @ Bowling Green - I want to pick the upset here, because I think it can happen.  Thomas Woodson has been impressive for the Zips, and they're winning games.  HOWEVER, Matty J is the truth, and BG's offense is just too good to say they'll lose to anyone not in the upper tiers of the MAC West.

Kent State @ UMass - Defense or offense?  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T PICK!  Go with the home team and pray.

High Team: Bowling Green
Low Team: Eastern Michigan