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Helmet Stickers: Big week for #TeamOffense

The games weren't close, but there were plenty of sticker worthy performances on offense this week throughout the MAC

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

I hope you accept my apology for not being around to give out some helmet stickers last week. Let's just say the WMU-CMU rivalry got the best of me. But the fun hasn't stopped, and week seven saw all 13 MAC programs in action on Saturday, so let's recap the week that was, shall we?

Toledo blew out EMU in the Glass Bowl, which you may have expected, and WMU blew out Ohio at Peden Stadium, which based on our pick em' spreads you definitely didn't see coming. CMU handled Buffalo without difficulty, deciding to grant them only one half of the football field for most of the game, and NIU did something similar to poor Miami. What a bunch of bullies. Ball State lost to Georgia State by 12 at home, and no that's not a typo. Bowling Green did exactly what you would expect to the Zips in Akron and Kent State beat UMass, continuing this very odd new-conference-tryout year for the Minutemen. There you have it, a ton of blowouts sans Kent State and a very good week for #TeamOffense, so let's start dishing out some stickers.

Running wild in Athens

Daniel Braverman - da-na-na da-na-na

Danny Braverman is good at football, which is like saying the sky is blue, or Michigan shouldn't punt. But despite having one of his weaker performances yards-wise all season, Braverman showed he possesses a pretty unique skill set, one that lands him in SportsCenter Top Ten conversations:

That touchdown was just one of SEVEN scored by the Broncos on the formerly vaunted Ohio defense. Speaking of which:

LeVante Bellamy and Jamauri Bogan - Are probably still running

Ohio had no answer for these two Broncos for the entirety of the second half. The game seriously looked like it could end 3-0 in overtime in the early going (neither team crossed the 50 until late second quarter) but ended up being a one team track meet with WMU racking up over 400 yards rushing. 400 yards! From one of the worst rushing teams in the MAC going into Saturday! Bellamy pitched in 149 of those yards on 9 carries including a 56 yard touchdown sprint. Not to be outdone was Bogan who pitched in 135 on the same number of carries but had a 67 yard touchdown scamper.

Eastern led 6-0

Phillip Ely and Cody Thompson - Big play connection

Thompson only caught two passes, but one was an 88 yard touchdown, so that's pretty cool and noteworthy. Nice job Cody. The guy throwing to him had a pretty big day as well, throwing three other touchdown passes of his own to bring the total before. I'm not a doctor, but I'd say you're having a good day when 22 percent of your passes are for touchdowns and you're not playing out of the wildcat.

Darius Jackson - silver linings?

Our fearless leader seems to think Jackson is the best back in this conference, and he may not be wrong. Jackson averaged 6.3 yards per carry against the Rockets on Saturday and added two scores, which, could you imagine if he hadn't done that? Things would have looked way worse for the Eagles. Jacksons play may even be enough to cheer this guy up:

Actually, never mind. He seems pretty set.

Chips dominate in Mount Pleasant

Cooper Rush and Jesse Kroll - Does Central have other wide receivers?

Kroll caught nearly a third of Rush's passes Saturday - seven of them for 133 yards and a touchdown - and the other two thirds went to nine different players, which says as much about Rush's ability to spread the ball around as it does Kroll's ability to always be open. Rush too had four touchdown passes on the day while throwing just seven incomplete passes. Not bad. Not quite Matt Johnson levels of awesome, but still, not bad.

Benched for being awesome

Matt Johnson - Matt Johnson levels of awesome

Johnson is starting to approach legendary status, and if when this is all said and done he's not in at least in a conversation about a conversation about the Heisman Trophy then you should stop caring about the Heisman Trophy. Matty-J dropped dimes all over the Doyt Saturday to the tune of 357 yards and five touchdowns, which is as many touchdowns as he had incomplete passes. Oh, and Johnson DIDN'T EVEN PLAY THE ENTIRE GAME. Johnson got to grab some pine later in the game after lighting up the scoreboard all afternoon, which makes me pretty mad at Akron's offense for not doing better. They basically robbed us of a shootout that would give Johnson the opportunity for 10 touchdowns.

Roger Lewis - Doing Roger Lewis things

Lewis was at it again against Akron. Just your run of the mill six catch, two touchdown, 118 yard day for Johnson's favorite target. I should mention that Lewis leads the NCAA in receiving yards. It's okay Akron, Lewis just sort of does this to everyone.

Who needs the red zone?

Joel Bougnon - Probably just tired of scoring from so close

The red zone is overrated, right? Bougnon had three touchdowns against the RedHawks. 22 yards, 22 yards, and 53 yards were the distances meaning the Husky workhorse that usually draws a ton of carries needed just 14 to do the damage his team needed to dispatch Miami. Bougnon has been on a tear this year, now tied for fifth in the nation for touchdown runs with 10, which is just two fewer than LSU's Leonard Fournette. That's some pretty good company.

The Flashes have a quarterback - maybe

George Bollas - 1-0

When Kent State wins, it's a pretty big deal, and in typical Flashes fashion, the win came without much of an offensive explosion. However, George Bollas was handed the keys to the car for his first career start, and he did just enough to get the Flashes the win. Considering the quarterback standing on the opposite side of the field on Saturday was Blake Frohnapfel, getting your first career win in your first career start is a pretty big deal. Be careful with those keys, George, Kent State has already made a few too many insurance claims on that car.

That's a wrap

It wasn't the MACtion we've come to know and love, in the sense that only half of the teams scored 40 instead of all of them, but Blake Frohnapfel felt our pain and decided to try his best to deliver the MACtion to our eyeballs:

How very Dan Orlovsky of you. Are you sure you need to leave us, UMass? This is just starting to get fun.