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#MACtion Open Chat: The MAC is open for business

(Almost) NO MORE NON-CONFERENCE GAMES! *shakes fist at UMass and EMU*

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ahhhh, it's that wonderful time of the year where the non-conference silliness winds down and-- DAMN IT MASSACHUSETTS, WHY ARE YOU PLAYING FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL IN WEEK FIVE? SERIOUSLY?-- ...and we can get back to playing division rivalries that-- WHY IS EASTERN MICHIGAN TRAVELING TO LSU? THEY'RE ASKING FOR A DEATH SENTENCE OH MY GOD HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN LEONARD FOURNETTE???

Okay, so not every team is going to have a conference record by the end of today (Western Michigan is on a BYE week this week), but there are a lot of good games on the slate for the first week of official MAC football activities. (Yay for games that actually matter!)

Here's what is in store for this week:

Time Home Away TV/Stream
2:00 PM Ohio (3-1) Akron (2-2) ESPN3
3:00 PM Ball State (2-2) Toledo (3-0) American Sports Network/ESPN3
3:00 PM UMass (0-3) FIU (2-2) ESPN3
3:00 PM Central Michigan (1-3) NIU (2-2) ESPN3
3:30 PM Kent State (1-3) Miami (1-3) ESPN3
3:30 PM Buffalo (2-2) Bowling Green (2-2) Buckeye Cable Sports Network /Time Warner SportsChannel/ESPN3
7:00 PM #6 LSU (4-0) Eastern Michigan (1-3) ESPNU

Make sure you have a lot of screens for that 3 o'clock slate of games, drink in the spirit of #MACrifice games, and don't be THAT guy in the comments.

Pick'em Predictions by game:

Ohio (86%) over Akron
Toledo (91%) over Ball State
UMass (65%) over UMass
NIU (72%) over CMU
Bowling Green (92%) over Buffalo
Kent State (74%) over Miami
LSU (92%) over EMU

Top 3 High Team selections:

1. Toledo (37.8%)
2.  Bowling Green (29.6%)
3. UMass (8.2%)

Top 3 Low Team selections:

1. EMU (74.5%)
2. Miami (7.1%)
3. Kent State (5.1%)