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Hustle Belt Fantasy League - Week 5: Upset pegs Alex, Matt impresses again

With MAC play beginning, there was a nice upset of a top team to shake up the standings

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We're a little late here, so let's just get straight to it, shall we?

Corey Davis Based God (Fitz) vs Double Fisting Pepsis (Russ)

Fun fact:  We also faced off in the Hustle Belt Fantasy Baseball League Championship series this week as well.  AND JUST LIKE IN BASEBALL, I TOOK HOME THE "W"!

Corey Davis Based God Double Fisting Pepsis
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Matt Johnson, BGSU 22 QB Brogan Roback, EMU 7
Joel Bouagnon, NIU 22 RB Trayion Durham, Kent St 4
Jamal Wilson, UMass 5 RB Travis Greene, BGSU 11
Ryan Burbrink, BGSU 6 WR Robbie Rhodes, BGSU 0
Sebastian Smith, Ohio 1 WR Alonzo Russell, Toledo 10
Shane Winmann, NIU 0 TE Matt Weiser, Buffalo 9
Mark Chapman, CMU 0 FLEX Aregeros Turner, NIU 3
Kareem Hunt, Toledo 0 FLEX no play -
Christian Hagan, NIU 6 K Dylan Mulder, EMU 1
Toledo 18 D/ST Miami 10

I would've loved to start Shaq Vann and his 12 points over Kareem, who sat out again with a hamstring injury.  However, the trade between Russ and I last week ended up netting me a +18 point swing, which was the difference overall (he would've won by 2 points if it doesn't get made).

Firing Up My Chips (Nick) vs Tupande Kileleni (Alex)

Our Upset Of The Week!  Nick and his 1-3 record stuns Alex and knocks him out of the 3-way tie for first with a stunner.

Firing Up My Chips Tupande Kileleni
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Drew Hare, NIU 7 QB Philip Ely, Toledo 12
Damion Jones-Moore, UT 14 RB Darius Jackson, EMU 12
Devon Spalding, CMU 0 RB Anthone Taylor, UB 11
Jesse Kroll, CMU 18 WR Gehrig Dieter, BG 2
Sam Martin, Miami 6 WR Corey Jones, UT 2
Ryan Smith, Miami 7 TE Cody Tuttle, EMU 2
Jordan Johnson, UB 10 FLEX Dustin Creel, EMU 7
Marken Michel, UMass 25 FLEX Darian Green, Ball St 1
Jameson Vest, UT 6 K Tyler Tate, BGSU 3
Ball State 6 D/ST CMU 19

So, yes, despite poor performances from Spalding and Hare, big production from Michel and Kroll helped bump Nick over Alex.  Jones and Green provided heartbreak for Alex, who needed their production to keep up with Nick, but just didn't get the numbers.

Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy (Justin) vs Zippy Squad (Matt)

Matt continues to impress.  Another top two scoring performance and he's looking like a strong contender for the championship.

Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy Zippy Squad
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Joe Licata, Buffalo 17 QB Thomas Woodson, Akron 9
Nick Holley, Kent St 0 RB Fred Coppett, BG 7
Martez Walker, CMU 0 RB Terry Swanson, Toledo 13
Kenny Golladay, NIU 5 WR Imani Davis, Akron 9
Ron Willoughby, UB 13 WR Chris Gallon, BG 0
Ben McCord, CMU 1 TE Michael Roberts, UT 6
Ronnie Moore, BG 9 FLEX Jacob Martinez, UB 1
Marquis Young, UMass 1 FLEX Tajae Sharpe, UMass 21
Kaleb Patterson, Ohio 2 K Robbie Stein, Akron 12
Kent State 22 D/ST Akron 13

Matt is going to keep riding the Swanson Train as long as he can until Kareem is back.  He also had some tough plays with his WMU players on the bench due to a bye week, but with Sharpe's big game, he had enough to push past and stay in the (now) two-way tie for 1st.

One last note:  Justin now has a horribly named team after dropping Kadeem Goulbourne earlier this week.  CHANGE YOUR NAME, JUSTIN.  (note:  I will not change mine because Justin won't trade me Corey Davis and I'm actually winning so neener neener)

Reece's Huff (Karp) vs The Frumpy Apples (James)

Poor Karp.  He had the 2nd pick in the draft and is all alone in last place now.

Reece's Huff The Frumpy Apples
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Colin Reardon, Kent St 12 QB Cooper Rush, CMU 14
James Gilbert, Ball St 3 RB AJ Ouellette, Ohio 2
Conor Hundley, Akron 6 RB Daz'Mond Patterson, Ohio 6
Antwan Dixon, Kent St 19 WR Roger Lewis, BGSU 26
Jordan Williams, Ball St 16 WR Anthony Rice, CMU 2
Keith Heitzman, Ohio 8 TE Brice Fackler, Kent St 0
Donnell Alexander, Akron 0 FLEX Brendan Cope, Ohio 3
Earnest Calhoun, Kent St 10 FLEX KeVonn Mabon, Ball St 6
Josiah Yazdani, Ohio 2 K Brian Eavey, CMU 10
NIU -2 D/ST Ohio 17

Another big game for Lewis (more like one big half), and a poor showing from NIU's defense were the factors in this one.  Lewis put up another 200-yard game (which is 20 fantasy points in itself) and with NIU only scoring a single takeaway while conceding 29 points, a poor -2 total from them moves Karp to 1-4 on the year.

Week 6's Match-Ups

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#8 Reece's Huff vs #1 Corey Davis Based God
#3 Tupande Kileleni vs #4 Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy
#6 Double Fisting Pepsis vs #2 Zippy Squad - Akron alum vs future Zip match-up!