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2015 Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em - Week 6: Rivalry games galore!

Central-Western, the Battle for the Bronze Stalk, Miami-Ohio?!?!? Oh MACtion, you spoil us so

EDITOR'S NOTE:  If your Week 5 picks did not submit, but you listed your picks in the comments, please note this in this week's comments and resubmit your picks using the Week 5 form

Another week down, and another upset to shake up the standings.

Thanks to CMU's win over NIU in the Game of the Week, lots of people missed on a four-point play and thus had to settle with 10 points.  However, a couple people (mainly CMU fans) hit the pick and thus finished perfect.  Only two had CMU as the high team (as nearly everyone missed on Ball State as the "Low" thanks to EMU's performance against LSU), and they win the week.  So congrats CHIP and midlandchip.

Full week 5 scores here

We're working on getting cumulative totals gathered, so bear with us.  Cumulative totals through Week 5 are here.  Please note that if you missed three weeks of picks, you were not kept in the spreadsheet.  That helps keep the spreadsheet clean. Now then, WEEK 6!

Saturday, October 10th

UMass @ Bowling Green - Something tells me the over/under on this one should be set somewhere in the 90's. Both teams will put up points, but BG's rushing attack should help keep them just balanced enough to pull out the win.  First QB to 500 yards wins.

Miami @ Ohio - I love me some rivalry games.  This would put Ohio at 5-1 and have them fully primed for their usual mid-season collapse come next week when they face Western Michigan.

Kent State @ #24 Toledo - This will actually be a fun game to watch if you like defenses.  However, I think Kareem Hunt will be back and thirsty for blood after missing most of the first half of the season.  IT'S HUNTIN' SEASON (trademark pending)

Akron @ Eastern Michigan - The hardest game to pick for me this week.  EMU really showed us something at LSU last week, but I can't imagine them playing two solid games back-to-back.  Hundley runs all over the Eagles in a win.

Ball State @ Northern Illinois - They can't lose two in a row, can they?  Neal will keep it interesting, but NIU gets the win at home.

and last but not least................

Central Michigan @ Western Michigan - #BeatCentral, or else.

High Team: Bowling Green
Low Team: Kent State