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Hustle Belt Fantasy League 2.0: Slim pickings in Week 9

With only eight teams playing, scoring exceptions abounded and some upsets came down.

Jamauri Bogan had a huge day for Western (and for Coffin as well).
Jamauri Bogan had a huge day for Western (and for Coffin as well).
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

We have made it to the point of the season where the games start getting a little bit sketchy as the nationally-televised matchups start to litter the week, turning the league from a Saturday commitment to a full on week-long dredge, with only Monday and Tuesday the times to grab waiver wire transactions before the rosters lock up. This creates utter chaos as the week dwindles down, and it will be fun to see how each team reacts to the other as weeknight #MACtion takes over the very essence of our fantasy GM's.

Here are the roster moves from Week 9, which saw a fantastic amount of movement:

Reece's Huff:

CLAIM: Billy Bahl (QB-Miami), Massachusetts D/ST, Adam Mitcheson (K-Buffalo)

DROP: Devin Reece (WR-Ball State), Colin Reardon (QB-Kent State), Josiah Yazdani (K-Ohio)

Corey Davis Based God:

CLAIM: Morgan Hagee (K-Ball State)

DROP: Shane Wimann (TE-NIU)

Zippy Squad

CLAIM: Marcus Jones (RB-NIU), Kenny Young (RB-Miami), Sekai Lindsay (RB-Massachusetts), Josh McNeil (TE-Akron)

DROP: Andrew Haldeman (K-WMU), Alex Zmolik (TE-Toledo), Chris Gallon (WR-BGSU), Marcus Jones (RB-NIU)

Cooper Rush Happy Hour

CLAIM: Brian Eavey (K-CMU)

DROP: Morgan Hagee (K-Ball State)

So just what happened exactly this week? Were last week's ties broken? Let's find out. Together.

#1b Zippy Squad (Matt Hammond) vs. #6 Cooper Rush Happy Hour (James H. Jimenez)

Player Pts Position Player Pts
Cooper Rush 18 QB Zach Terrell 23
Marquis Young 14 RB Kenny Young 3
--- 0 RB --- 0
Eddie Daugherty 6 WR Daniel Braverman 7
Corey Lacanaria 3 WR Tajae Sharpe 8
Sam Browning 0 TE --- 0
KeVonn Mabon 15 FLEX Imani Davis 9
Anthony Rice 16 FLEX Jacob Martinez 3
Brian Eavey 2 K Robert Stein -3
Miami 5 D/ST Buffalo 6

In our upset of the week, the #6 seed CRHH takes down #1b ZIPPY, on the strength of the FLEX positions. The gamble to start the Miami defense paid off for CRHH, as they had positive numbers (and a pick-six!) against Buffalo. KeVonn Mabon (150 receiving yards) and Anthony Rice (105 rec. yards, one touchdown) had huge days for CRH as well. ZIPPY's best contributor was Zach Terrell, who scored just under half of the team's points this week (252 passing yards, 72 rushing yards, three receiving yards, one rushing touchdown). ZIPPY left the Akron defense and its 13 points on the bench in the loss. CRHH moves to 4-5, while ZIPPY falls to 6-3.

#7a Double Fisting Pepsis (Russ Johnson) vs. #4b Kadeem Goul-bourne Supremacy (Justin Coffin)

Player Pts Position Player Pts
--- 0 QB --- 0
--- 0 RB Jamauri Bogan 30
--- 0 RB Martez Walker 0
--- 0 WR Corey Davis 10
--- 0 WR --- 0
Matt Weiser 5 TE Ben McCord 4
--- 0 FLEX Ron Willoughby 20
Jerome Lane 12 FLEX --- 0
Dylan Mulder 3 K Kaleb Patterson 5
Western Michigan 12 D/ST --- 0

I think I'll just let the scoreboard speak here. Jamauri Bogan (61 rushing yards, four touchdowns) and Ron Willoughby (87 rec. yards, two touchdowns) had standout days for KGBS. Russ also left Brogan Roback (24 fantasy points) on the bench. Double Fisting Pepsis has been eliminated from the Hustle Belt Football Fantasy Playoffs and stands at 2-7, while Kadeem Goul-bourne Supremacy is now 5-4.

#7b Reece's Huff (Mike Karpinski) vs. #4a Firing Up My Chips (Nick "Frenchy Fries)

Reece's FUMC
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Billy Bahl 16 QB --- 0
Jarvion Franklin 12 RB --- 0
James Gilbert 14 RB --- 0
LeVante Bellamy 4 WR Jesse Kroll 1
Jordan Williams 12 WR Sam Martin 15
--- 0 TE Ryan Smith 9
Donnell Alexander 0 FLEX Jordan Johnson 25
Conor Hundley 3 FLEX Marken Michel 0
Adam Mitcheson 2 K --- 0
Massachusetts 14 D/ST --- 0

Finally, a win for Karp! Not only did he play the waiver wire to perfection, but he also managed to fill out his roster except for one position (which to be honest over the conference as a whole, hasn't produced a lot of points). Billy Bahl (224 passing yards, two passing touchdowns) and Massachusetts (one sack, one fumble recovery, one interception, 20 points against) share WAIVER WIRE TRANSACTIONS OF THE WEEK honors for Reece's Huff. Jordan Johnson (140 total yards, two rushing touchdowns) and and Sam Martin (95 rec. yards, one touchdown) had standout performances for FUMC. FUMC falls to 4-5, while Reece's Huff finally climbs out of the basement at 3-6.

#3 Tupande Kileleni (Alex Alvarado) vs. #1 Corey Davis Based God (Brown and Gold)

Player Pts Position Player Pts
--- 0 QB Blake Frohnaphel 16
Darius Jackson 9 RB Alonzo Smith 1
Anthone Taylor 3 RB --- 0
--- 0 WR Mark Chapman 6
--- 0 WR --- 0
--- 0 TE Rodney Mills 4
--- 0 FLEX Shaq Vann 15
Darian Green 7 FLEX Jamal Wilson 6
--- 0 K Morgan Hagee 8
Central Michigan 25 D/ST --- 0

The rules of the game are pretty simple. You have to play to win the game. Alex did not play enough players to win the game, so he lost. The worst part? AVO left 24 points on the bench (Dustin Creel, Cody Tuttle, and Marcus McGill), which would have put them over CDBG and cause some #CHAOS in the HB Playoff Chase. Shaq Vann (105 yards, one receiving touchdown) and Blake Frohnaphel (298 total yards, one touchdown, one interception) highlighted CDBG's performance. Corey Davis Based God clinches a playoff berth at 7-2, while Tupande Kileleni falls to 5-4.


Here are next week's games, with each team's standing marked. + is a playoff clinch, x is an elimination.

#4a Copper Rush Happy Hour vs. #8 Double Fisting Pepsis (x)

#1 Corey Davis Based God (+) vs. #4b Firing Up My Chips
#3a Kadeem Goul-bourne Supremacy vs. #7 Reece's Huff
#2 Zippy Squad vs. #3b Tupande Kileleni