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2015 Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em - Championship Week

The MAC comes down to one deciding game between Bowling Green and Northern Illinois...........again

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First, I'm terribly sorry, but there is no cumulative totals this week.  Thanksgiving weekend caught up to me and I needed to rest.  I may get to it later this week, so PLEASE check back and if there is no new update by Wednesday afternoon, then expect the cumulatives for the bowl season post.

Now, on to last week.  NIU and Toledo both lost, as did Buffalo (though at no advantage to everyone), so the chance of a perfect week was impossible.  Still, two men defied the odds and nailed all but the UB game.  Congrats to joefromperry and our very own loveable, old fart ThomasMcelgunn (sorry, no cookies to give you).

Full breakdown here

Now on to this week.  I will be withholding my pick until later in the week, as is required by my superiors, but I will be offering a blurb and will comment with my Pick'em pick in the comments when the time is right.

Remember, this game is worth 10 points.  Pick wisely.

Mid-American Conference Championship Game

Bowling Green State Falcons vs Northern Illinois Huskies (Part III) - Thought you could avoid the rubber match?  Think again.  NIU will start their 3rd QB in this game in as many years, yet relied on big wins over Toledo and WMU to limp in here despite a plethora of injuries.  Still, their defense led by "Boomer" Mays and Shawn Lurry is stout.  Bowling Green will look to avenge last year's disaster after Matt Johnson was forced to sit out due to injury.  James Knapke was awful, but Johnson will add some senior leadership that should make this a game.  It'll all come down to if NIU's offense under a true freshman can out perform the BG defense that has been up and down all year.