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The Dynasty lives on

Northern Illinois showed why they've consistently been the best team in the Mid-American Conference on Tuesday night.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Who ever really doubted them?

I never did, not once. When Tommylee Lewis was lost, I still knew Northern would come out on top. When they lost Drew Hare, I reminded myself that NIU knew what they were doing, and Rod Carey had it under control.

I'm not an NIU fan, hell, I was even cheering for Toledo on Tuesday night, but there wasn't a point where I thought the Rockets would win.

The Huskies have suffocated the MAC West's number two team year after year. Six straight versus Toledo, Western Michigan and Ball State. Eight in-a-row versus Eastern Michigan. Every great team has their kryptonite, for Northern, that's been the Central Michigan Chippewas. The bottom line, that hasn't come back to bite them yet. 32-3. That's the Huskies' record versus MAC West rivals over the last six seasons.

As a Ball State fan, I've seen it myself. Northern Illinois finds ways to win games when others wouldn't. When you think you've got them where they can't come back, they find a way. They rip your heart out. They know how to win.

That's why I never doubted the Huskies on Tuesday night. Backup quarterback, losing their best play maker and all, there was no reason for any doubts.

They've done it before, they did it last night and they'll sure the hell do it again.

In the words of Matt Hammond,

The Dynasty lives on.