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Saturday Open Chat: West vs East Cellar Game highlights weekend slate

Eastern Michigan begins their East cellar schedule with a trip to Oxford while UMass continues to say goodbye as they face formerly lowly Akron in Amherst.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After four weeknight games helped to provide some clarity to the MAC Championship picture, we now turn our heads to the cellar where we have a pair of solid match-ups.

First, Akron heads to Amherst to face a disappointing UMass team.  Both were picked to contend for the MAC East, but after a tough opening schedule (coupled with Bowling Green's dominance), the Zips are only in the hunt for a bowl bid.  They would almost have to win out, but their schedule is favorable, and it starts with a win over the Minutemen, who are completely out of the running for anything and are simply saying "goodbye" to the MAC at this point.

Towards the end of that game, Eastern Michigan will be kicking off in Oxford when they face the RedHawks.  Both teams are 1-8 overall and carry identical 0-5 records in MAC play.  While the Eagles have mostly been a product of having to play a brutal MAC West slate, their porous run defense has been ineffective in landslide losses.  Conversely, the RedHawks started out with a awful offense, but one that has shown improvements in recent weeks.

12:00 PM UMass Akron CBS Sports Network
2:30 PM Miami Eastern Michigan ESPN3

And now, the Pick'em totals for these games

Head-to-Head numbers

UMass (52%) over Akron
Eastern Michigan (56%) over Miami

High Team Standings

5. Eastern Michigan (2.7%)
t-6.  Miami (1.4%)
t-8. Akron (0%)
t-8. UMass (0%)

Low Team Standings

t-1. Miami (17.8%)
4. UMass (12.3%)
t-6. Akron (8.2%)
t-6.  Akron (8.2%)

So pull up a chair and enjoy the Akron bowl fight/UMass swan song and our CELLAR DWELLER GAME OF THE WEEK!