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Hustle Belt MAC Pick'em - Week 11: Big games mean hard choices in November

With conference play getting more intense, it's time to raise the stakes with a solid slate of games this week.


/shakes fist violently

Welp, a lot of us lost 4 points as the Huskies ended any decent hope of the MAC making the New Years Six bowls, but that just made the West race 1000000000x more interesting.  Having Kent State blow a tire down the stretch against Buffalo didn't help some of us (mainly, me) either, but hey, what can you do?

Still, we had a winner, and he hit the exacta (or what I call the perfecta minus the low team).  Congrats to wwenk821.

Full scoring breakdown here

Now, on to this week's slate of games!

Tuesday, November 10th

Kent State @ Ohio - If Ohio loses this one, you really have to wonder if they get bowl eligible.  The Flashes probably have too tough of a schedule to do it, but a win keeps them in the hunt.

Toledo @ Central Michigan - I've flipped back and forth on this one.  Whoever loses is pretty much out of the MAC West race with a two-loss record and a loss to one of the other two MAC West teams in the hunt.  CMU had a bye week to prepare, but Toledo has to be livid about blowing the NIU game.  Hunt has a monster game in a Rocket win.

Wednesday, November 11th

NIU @ Buffalo - Can Buffalo decimate the Huskies on the ground like the Rockets did?  They have the backs to do it, but not enough consistent play.  Buffalo loses, meaning BG clinches the East despite their game at the same time.  Speaking of which..........

Bowling Green @ Western Michigan - OH HELL YES.  5-0 vs 5-0.  Great offense, versus solid defense.  The Broncos' balance versus Falcon Fast.  ON SENIOR DAY!  Rontavious Atkins had his first career interception the last time these two played at Waldo Stadium back in 2011 (he has two career picks, the other came against Akron in the 2011 blow-out) and now faces the Falcons to end his Waldo career.  I think the Broncos have a much better defense, and have an offense that can both (a) keep up with the Falcon offense and (b) keep Matt Johnson and crew off the field.  Inevitably, this game is meaningless.  BG still has a Magic Number of 1 and WMU doesn't win the West without beating NIU and Toledo (without some help).

Saturday, November 14th

Akron @ Miami - I liked what the RedHawks were able to put together against EMU.  Now they face a better defense in Akron.  Zips roll.

UMass @ Eastern Michigan - It's OK, Creighton.  Maybe next year

High: Western Michigan
Low: Miami