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Hustle Belt Fantasy League - Week 10 Recap: Playoff picture just about set

With the playoffs a week away, the fantasy league playoffs are all but set with a big Week 11 match-up looming

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

An exciting week of football on the field and another exciting week in the fantasy league.  Week 11 brings the final regular season week, but before we get to the playoff picture, let's go over the Week 10 breakdowns.

Cooper Rush Happy Hour (James) vs Double Fisting Pepsis (Russ)

Cooper Rush Happy Hour Double Fisting Pepsis
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Riley Neal, Ball St 10 QB George Bollas, Kent St 11
Daz Patterson, Ohio 11 RB Trayion Durham, Kent St 3
Marquis Young, UMass 6 RB Travis Greene, BGSU 28
Eddie Daugherty, EMU 1 WR Robbie Rhodes, BGSU 2
Roger Lewis, BGSU 16 WR Cody Thompson, Toledo 0
Sam Browning, EMU 0 TE Matt Weiser, Buffalo 11
KeVonn Mabon, Ball St 1 FLEX Jerome Lane, Akron 5
PJ Simmons, Kent State 0 FLEX Deuce Turner, NIU 2
Andrew Haldeman, WMU 10 K Dylan Mulder, EMU 7
Miami 27 D/ST Western Michigan 16

Russ snaps a long losing streak against James in our Upset of the Week.  And whoooo boy did he have to sweat it out as Miami's defense put up an incredible 27 points against EMU, but it was not enough in a losing effort for team CRHH.  Travis Greene paved the way with three scores for Russ, who otherwise didn't have much help except from WMU's defense and Matt Weiser.  Roger Lewis was held to just 1 score, keeping James on the Playoff Bubble.

Corey Davis Based God (Fitz) vs Firing Up My Chips (Nick)

Corey Davis Based God Firing Up My Chips
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Matt Johnson, BGSU 30 QB Drew Hare, NIU 10
Joel Bouagnon, NIU 14 RB Damion Jones-More, Toledo 0
Kareem Hunt, Toledo 26 RB Donovan Wilson, BGSU 0
Ryan Burbrink, BGSU 3 WR Sam Martin, Miami 3
Sebastian Smith, Ohio 8 WR no play -3
Rodney Mills, UMass 6 TE Ryan Smith, Miami 0
Shaq Vann, EMU 6 FLEX Jordan Johnson, Buffalo 12
Jamal Wilson, UMass 10 FLEX Marken Michel, UMass 0
Christian Hagan, NIU 14 K Jameson Vest, Toledo 8
Toledo 3 D/ST Bowling Green 15

Another week, another win for me.  Johnson with 30 and Hunt with 26 won this match-up.  Johnson and Bowling Green's defense put up solid points for Nick, but losing Hare hurt him early.  No points from 4 other starters and not playing a 2nd wide-out also were killers.  Let's not spend too much time here, as I clinch the 1-seed in the playoffs with this victory.

Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy (Justin) vs Reece's Huff (Karp)

Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy Reece's Huff
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Joe Licata, Buffalo 14 QB Billy Bahl, Miami 7
Jamauri Bogan, WMU 29 RB Jarvion Franklin 11
AJ Ouellette, Ohio 9 RB James Gilbert, Ball St 3
Corey Davis, WMU 34 WR Tommylee Lewis, NIU 18
Kenny Golladay, NIU 17 WR Jordan Williams, Ball St 10
Jeremiah Mullinax, WMU 0 TE Keith Heitzman, Ohio 0
Ronnie Moore, BGSU 14 FLEX Jordan Huff, NIU 2
Ron Willoughby, Buffalo 10 FLEX Conor Hundley, Akron 9
Kaleb Patterson, Miami 4 K Adam Mitcheson, Buffalo -2
Kent State 18 D/ST Northern Illinois 11

My goodness, Justin!  29 from Bogan (who outscored #2 overall pick, and teammate Jarvion Franklin by a lot), 34 from Davis, and 17 from Golladay paced a monster game for the Supremacists.  Karp continues to slide, but had respectable games from Lewis (despite missing most of the Toledo game with a strained knee) and NIU's defense.  Ultimately, 69 points is #nice, but 149 is a monster week for anyone to top.

Zippy Squad (Matt) vs Tupande Kilelini (Alex)

Zippy Squad Tupande Kilelini
Player Pts Position Player Pts
Zach Terrell, WMU 24 QB Philip Ely, Toledo 7
Fred Coppet, BGSU 7 RB Darius Jackson, EMU 10
Terry Swanson, Toledo 14 RB Anthone Taylor, Buffalo 6
Daniel Braverman, WMU 7 WR Gerhig Dieter, BGSU 25
Tajae Sharpe, UMass 5 WR Corey Jones, Toledo 4
Michael Roberts, Toledo 1 TE Derek Lee, BGSU 0
Imani Davis, Akron 2 FLEX Darian Green, Ball St 1
Jacob Martinez, Buffalo 0 FLEX Papi White, Ohio 0
Robbie Stein, Akron 4 K Tyler Tate, BGSU 6
Buffalo 12 D/ST UMass 16

In the smaller picture, Darius Jackson nearly had the tie for Alex, falling just 3 yards short of the tying point (when EMU couldn't get the ball back).  Overall, Papi White and Derek Lee put up goose eggs while Ely had a bad game.  Matt was vulnerable, but Terrell had a good enough game to carry lesser totals from players like Braverman and Sharpe.  Matt gets a valuable win, as he locks up the 2-seed.  Alex heads to a big match-up this coming week.  Which brings us to......

Playoff Picture

So, there are three teams that have clinched spots in the playoffs, and barring statistical miracles, are locked into their seed:

1.  Corey Davis Based God (Fitz) - 8-2
2.  Zippy Squad (Matt) - 7-3
3.  Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy - 6-4

As stated above, two teams are still battling for a playoff spot.  And as luck would have it, they are playing each other on the final week of the season.

#5 Cooper Rush Happy Hour (James) vs #4 Tupande Kileleni (Alex)

Alex leads over all (5-5 vs 4-6), but James has five more points scored and would tie the head-to-head with a win.  Basically, it's winner take all after Alex led the league for a bit of time.

There are three other match-ups this week, with the consolation seedings a mess.  If James doesn't beat Alex, then any one of three teams could sneak into the 5-seed.  The 8-seed has it's own play-in game:

#7 Double Fisting Pepsis (Russ) vs #8 Reece's Huff (Karp)

The other two match-ups feature an inconsequential 1-vs-3 match-up, and a 2-vs-6 match-up that would likely cause tie-breaker chaos in the consolation:

#1 Corey Davis Based God (Fitz) vs #3 Kadeem Goul-Bourne Supremacy (Justin)
#2 Zippy Squad (Matt) vs #6 Firing Up My Chips (Nick)

Here's the bottom half of the standings, with head-to-head notes to help with tie-breakers:

4 Tupande Kilelini 5-5 815 Could fall as far as 6 with loss + FUMC win versus ZIPPY; 1-0 vs RUSH, 0-1 vs FUMC
5 Cooper Rush Happy Hour 4-6 820 Could be 4-seed with win; 1-1 vs DFP, 1-0 vs FUMC, 1-0 vs HUFF, 1-0 vs TUPE
6 Firing Up My Chips 4-6 698 Could be 5-seed with win + RUSH win; 0-1 vs RUSH, 1-1 vs HUFF, 1-1 vs DFP
7 Double Fisting Pepsis 3-7 677 8-seed with loss; 1-1 vs RUSH, 1-1 vs FUMC, 1-0 vs HUFF
8 Reece's Huff 3-7 762 8-seed with loss; 0-1 vs DFP, 1-1 vs FUMC, 1-1 vs RUSH

The tie-breaking order is head-to-head record followed by points scored.