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Hustle Belt picks Super Bowl XLIX winners

And as always, somebody had to pick UMass.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Alvarado

Screw everybody that hates on Marshawn Lynch. Many have attempted, all have failed, but this guy made it possible. If you grabbed your no-no's in public, you were looked down upon. Now grabbing your boys is cool, just as long as you're also a great running back, diving into the end zone and helps kids out in the inner-city areas.

Seattle wins 31-25

Jesse Allen

After a raucous crowd chant for the Minutemen, Blake Frohnapfel leads his team out and, with 20 seconds remaining, passes to Tajae Sharpe to put the Minutemen up 41. They win by 47 (missed PAT to end the game). Oh crap, that's next years MAC championship.

James Jimenez

I'm gonna let the people decide my loyalties in the comments. I think it is that much of a toss up. My score will be 35-27 either way.

Matt Hammond

Patriots deflate Seahawks 28-17.

Carter Adler

Which team has more MAC alumni? That's the team that's going to win.

Ben Roush

2-0 Patriots. Everything's beautiful and nothing matters.

Kaleb Carter

​Seahawks 34 Patriots 228

Sam Neidermann

I changed my pick twice throughout the week, finally coming to the conclusion New England will win, 31-24. Seattle is extremely lucky to be here.

Dave Drury

Hate both teams, don't care. The over/under on the amount of beers I drink is 6... who wants some?

Kaleb Carter

​Over/Under on alcoholic drinks: SO many.

Jesse Allen

I'll take the over.

Keith Scheessele

May not see a second. Might be listening on the radio. Will be on the road. Take the under.

......although I will be in the passengers seat.....

The Chuck

I don't care. I will be watching commercials a bar.

Blake Samanas

Blake's 2014 Super Bowl pick (Blake Samanas)

I'm not getting fooled again. 30-20 Seattle.

Corey Gloor

This is the second year in a row where I just don't have any shred of caring in me about who wins. I despise both fanbases and want both coaches to fall into lava pits.

31-24 Seahawks

Max Moore

Long live Touchdown Tom and his perfect balls. Seatle can't contain Gronk as New England wins 31-24. Go Pats!

Tom McElgunn

Patriots 30 Seahawks 20

Randy Carpenter

Seattle 32 - New England 21

Defense is the difference.

Ian Davis

Seahawks 30 Pat 24.

Sam Barloga

Seahawks 31, Pats 10

Russell Wilson or Lynch do something incredible, and Tom Brady never gets going.