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Super Bowl XLIX and Puppy Bowl XI open chat: We're only having one so we don't get fined

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, okay, this isn't the biggest MACtion event in the whole wide world, I get it. It's not like the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing: we have a New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks match-up, so there's only four former MACletes involved in this year's Super Bowl.

From DeflateGate to Marshawn Lynch with the media to the Puppy Bowl, we've all got opinions, and we all know where to find the comments section.

So what if it's not a pair of 6-seed underdogs making their way to the most popular single-game event on the goddamn planet? This is still bound to be a very entertaining game, and if you disagree, then I'd consider taking the alternative route: which is watching the Puppy Bowl instead.

Actually, just do the alternative anyways. Puppies are cute. Gronk is not.

But whatever you end up watching, just don't drink and drive. Don't crash and burn in the comments below either. Let's have fun and stuff.