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MAC Hoops Open Chat: Tear-Apart Tuesday

With the divisions on the line and straight-seeding determining the MAC representatives, today means a lot of blood must be shed.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images


As the regular season begins to come to a close, there are a hell of a lot of games to be played to determine not only the regular season champions, but even more importantly, the seeding for the MAC Tournament coming up in Cleveland. By some sort of miracle, most of those important games have fallen on one day: today. So get out your ESPN3 subsciptions, follow the proper Twitter handles (yes, that includes us,) and let the games begin. May your team's odds be ever in their favor.

Visitor Home Time TV/Streaming
Central Michigan Ohio 7 p.m.
Miami Eastern Michigan 7 p.m.
Toledo Buffalo 7 p.m. ESPN3
Western Michigan Bowling Green 7 p.m. BCSN/ESPN3
Kent State Akron 7 p.m. TWCS/ESPN3
Ball State Northern Illinois 8 p.m. ESPN3

(Also, don't be that guy, Play nice, and have a cold drink nearby in the spirit of #MACtion.)