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CMU WR Titus Davis has split second to save face at NFL Combine

Central Michigan wide receiver Titus Davis nearly loses head in gauntlet

Oh boy. Weird things happen a lot during the combine, but this has to rank amoungst the strangest. Central Michigan WR Titus Davis was going through "the gauntlet" yesterday and a stray ball came within inches of hitting his face towards the end of his receiving drill. Luckily, Davis avoided the ball and finished the drill nearly flawlessly, dropping only one ball in the entire process. It certainly puts a humorous twist on Davis' combine, where he received some flack for having "below-average hand size" prior to the start of the combine. Dais also ran a 4.54 40 yard dash, which some feel is slightly slower than expected. However, with the fastest receiver clocking in at 4.4, Davis should be good to go, since his game is more predicated on route-running and possession, rather than speed. Davis still has his pro day before the draft to go through the gauntlet again. Let's hope a ball doesn't look for his head next time.